Terra Report 7/22/2014



Hello every one!  How’s everyone feeling??  Are you feeling the Leo energy yet??  Yes, it is very bold energy indeed.  We are coming up to our LEO New Moon on July 26, 2014 at 6:42 p.m.  Expansive Jupiter is in Leo as well, so yes WOW.  This energy is already feeling awesome.  With this energy you can start new businesses, relationships (romantic, friendships, business), get married, build a house basically good for all beginnings and on  a New Moon, energy is extremely enhanced.  Fire signs will really feel this energy.  Leo is about the heart, feeling compassion.  I wrote before about compassion and how it is very much needed on our Mother right now.  COMPASSION = LOVE = CONSCIOUSNESS.  Many are still stuck in division, whether it be race, religion or status, when we are divinely conscious, we are not operating in hurtful/harmful ways, we are showing reverence for ALL life.  So let’s allow this expansive energy to open our heart Chakra so we can expand compassion to all that live here on Mother Earth.  If you’re having some problems opening your heart, maybe you need a good cleansing and Chakra balancing so you can fully open up all your Chakras and allow your hearts desires to manifest. Blocks in our chakra’s can cause blocks in our lives.  Let’s look at the Sun for a moment.  Spaceweather.com reports, “On July 17th, for the first time in nearly 3 years, the sunspot number dropped to zero”.  As of now the activity is low, so you shouldn’t feel much off this (for those that are sensitives).  It’s almost like the coming of Leo’s energy is soothing the Sun.   So, this New Moon is a double Leo!!  Honestly, I have to say I love LEO.  I am an Aries, so the energy is really refreshing for me and yes I am already feeling it.  This energy will be one urging you to shine brightly.  Allow you heart’s desire(s) to guide you to your highest potential.  This is lucky energy as well, so taking a gamble on things is favored.  Those of you that have allowed all the things that no longer serve you will feel a lightening.  It’s a freeing energy for you.  This will help you burst forward and see your dreams manifest.  I know a lot of you work with the Law Of Attraction, we must remember the Law of Action too.  This energy will help you with that.  Make sure you are taking care of yourself during this time; get enough rest, drink plenty of water and eat real food (not processed).  Listen to you body as well.  Also, this is a very bold energy, so you might want to keep your ego in check.  We can get a big head at this time.  Uranus went retrograde on the 21st of July, which is bringing us out of our comfort zone, so be ready for that.  It could manifest is facing our fears or dealing with relationships/jobs that you need to release.  This is couple with Pluto in retrograde as well, helping us see the things we are hindering us and aids us in the the “letting go” process too.  I am feeling that this will urge us to make some changes that will help us grow into our highest good.   This Leo New Moon is very complimentary following the last Capricorn Full Moon that urged us to create stability and balance.   I am really loving this energy.  The only words that keep coming to me is GO FOR IT!!!  Enjoy this energy, allow Jupiter’s expansive energy mixed is Leo’s influence to help you shine.  Seize the day!


Stacy Hill

~ by TerraRubrae on July 22, 2014.

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