What’s missing in the World


As many you know I decided to take a regular job.  I work with the public, so I’m exposed to many different peoples and lifestyles.  One thing I hear most often is “something is wrong with this world and it’s they have taken God out”.  I have to keep my mouth shut there..but not here.  God is not missing from this world.  People are killing other people every day in the name of God.  In my eyes God is very much in many peoples mind.  But they are right about some thing… some thing is missing in this world, you know what that is??  COMPASSION!  Yes compassion for our brothers.  Another word for it is LOVE.  See all this talk about this way being right has feed us all a terrible lie.  One that destroys all in its path, the true demon…DIVISION!  If we took the true core teachings in all the religions, we would have this understanding.  But if you need a religion to tell you to have love and compassion for your brothers, then there is something unbalanced in you.  But look what we have going on in our world now.. wars constantly…. all in the name of God. From what I see God is very visible, but LOVE and COMPASSION are not.

~ by TerraRubrae on July 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “What’s missing in the World”

  1. Yes! Compassion for all living beings 🙂

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