Illumination comes with the Full Moon and She has brought it to me.  I, like most people have been hurt in situations and relationships.  I’ve trusted and have been betrayed, heart completely broken.  I am sure many, if not all, reading this can say the same.  I have been working on letting go of emotional things that have come to my attention.  And boom enlightenment hit me.  We came here to live in the 3rd dimension to experience, experience ALL.  We came as human to fully take advantage of this.  We have been doing it wrong, so to speak.  We began giving our emotions away and became attached to people and things.  What causes us pain and heartache is attachment.  We are attached to the way we think they should go.  Life is a journey, not a destination and in this journey there many many seasons.  Some stay with us for many years, while others stay with us for a short time.  The trick here is to NOT be attached to the outcome, how we think it should work out.  We came to experience it..the situation, the relationship.. just BE in it, not lost in it.  I am not saying to be with drawn from it, not to be fully consciousness in it.  I am saying to be fully in it, be fully consciousness in it!  Taste all its deliciousness, drinking it and milking it dry, but when its time for it to end, let it.  When we attach, we are not respecting the others experience or our own.  When we attach, we cause a disconnect with our consciousness and divinity.  This causes us to repeat situations, like the same song being played over and over.  Then one day you understand exactly what the lyrics are saying and you get it.  You’re able to release every bit of the baggage, forgive then be thankful.   Experience life and love..every juicy detail of it.  But see the bigger picture, the experience of it.  BE Conscious..Here and now!
Stacy Hill

~ by TerraRubrae on July 14, 2014.

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