Cartomancy Reading 6/26/2014


This is a cartomancy reading for the New Moon in Cancer weekend, Friday through Sunday.  I am using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand cartomancy deck along with The Savannah Deck.  These are two of my favorite decks and they read beautifully together.  Their energy is one of sweetness but realness.  If you’re interested in The Savannah Deck, send me a message and I can tell you where to go to get yourself one.


First Position:  TOP  we have HOME, and  BOTTOM is the HEIROPHANT:  This is telling me that Friday the energy will be more about finding more of a spiritual balance within yourself and home.  This energy is urging us to pay more attention to self, how do we feel?  It may be a time for many to meditate and maybe even seek council from the Divine, your higher self or someone that is in a high spiritual role.  For many, it is a time to surrender to the higher calling of their soul.  This is a time for major spiritual growth.   It is a time we need to really pay attention to our bodies and respond accordingly.  I know a lot are feeling very tired lately, rest up and regain your balance.  It is OK to seek to take a break and ask your soul what it needs to find balance.  I feel this really is in tune with this New Moon in Cancer.


Second Position:  TOP Birch/Broom and BOTTOM is JUDGMENT:  These cards really resonate with each other.  The energy for Saturday,  there is some thing coming up, maybe causing a frenzy helping you whip things into shape.  We are being faced with things/situations/people that we didn’t want to face in the past, causing us to whip our self in shape and deal with it…Judgment.  All things come out in the wash.  We can not just keep stuffing things down, or denying something that is very evident.  Time to face the piper and deal with what needs to be dealt with.  It will help you out in the long run.


THIRD Position;  TOP is CHOICE, BOTTOM is JUSTICE.  Sunday’s energy is one of making decisions that will bring full balance to your life, in all areas.  The energy of the Birch and Judgment has put us in a place that we must make a choice.  We must decide what path will bring more balance into our lives.  We have to have our material and spiritual sides balanced in order to live a life of our dreams.  We have to walk away from people and things that no longer serve us.  We are about growth, not stagnation.  The decision might be a hard one, but balance must be restored.  You have to trust in yourself enough, believe in yourself enough to make those hard decisions that are for your highest good.


The two extra cards on the very top, LETTER and the very bottom MAGICIAN.  This is the underlying energy of the reading and it is MESSAGES.  Yes, you’re getting messages every day whether you choose to see/hear/feel them or not.  And those messages are…..YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE!  Where you are right now, corresponds to the decisions you have made in the past.  YOU can make the decisions to create a better more peaceful life.  YOU are the map maker of your life.  All you have to know is which direction are you wanting to go.  Are you being led to something different, a pulling to try something new?  Its up to you, it is not outside of you, it is inside.  Sit in the quietness and listen.
See how wonderful these two decks compliment each other??  Marvelous!

~ by SironaRose on June 28, 2014.

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