God’s Wife, Forgotten Ancient Goddess

asherah_integral-options-blogspot As many of us already know, Goddesses have many times been written out of history. Writing the Mother out of religion, has pretty much created a lack of compassion, a loss of reverence of sorts.  In Christian religions, the female aspect is mainly not known of, but this is a case of “writing out” the divine feminine as well.  Hail and Welcome Goddess Asherah!  Asherah is the Semetic wife/consort of Anu, whom is also considered Jehovah/Yahweh.  She is the Mother Goddess whom was celebrated in the temples of Jehovah, who is considered the one God of the Jews, Muslims and Christians.  Raphael Patai first mentioned this in 1967 and later Francesca Stavrakopoulou, of Oxford wrote more on this subject. Their findings have shown how Asherah was worshiped alongside Jehovah.  Reference to this in the Book of Kings, states that Asherah’s statue was found in Jehovah/Yehweh’s temple and how her devotees wove textiles in her temple.  Asherah was known as a fertility goddess, Great Mother.  Stavrakopoulou has found artifacts with inscriptions for blessings from both Yehweh and Asherah on them, giving more evidence of them being worshiped as a pair.  So, why write her out?  Why was the goddess written out of these Judeo Christian religions?  In some text, she is considered the same as Astarte and Ishtar, as she was called the Queen of Heaven.  Many blame the heavy male minded men for writing her our, but was this part of the suppression of the Divine Feminine.  We all know in creation there must be a male and female, thus creating the child/son.  When we are studying the Kabbalah Tree of Life, we know the top two sephirot ( Chokmah and Binah) are Mother and Father which bring us to Christ/Son…creation (Kether)!  This can be seen even in Tantra.  Male and female coming together in holy union to taste a piece of heaven.  You can not suppress the female, expect her to be your submissive, on your path of enlightenment.  More and more evidence keeps unearthing itself to support the importance of Divine Feminine.  In this time of the re-awakening of Goddess, I feel Asherah must be recognized. Our Mother’s voices can not be ignored any longer.  It is time to really do some serious restructuring in our thought patterns.  Whether we want to admit it or not, our systems are having some major restructuring going on and I feel this has much to do with it. As within, so with out.   No matter the conspiracies, we must now open our hearts and our minds to this Mother energy and KNOW that the “father in the sky’ had his wife/consort as well. asherah_naos0 ALL HAIL GODDESS ASHERAH!                                                                                

May you rightfully have your place back beside your consort, Yehweh and help bring in the energy of the Divine Feminine.  May you never be shunned again.  Please touch the hearts and mind of mankind, so that compassion will reign in our planet once more. Through these ancient findings, we are hearing the echo of your voice and may it never be hushed again.

Namaste, Much Love and Peace!

~ by TerraRubrae on June 15, 2014.

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