The True Marriage


Tantra also known as the sacred marriage, great rite, or sacred sex is known in most ancient civilizations by one name or another.  Today, the divine union of souls is often looked upon as dirty or taboo.  Eroticized and misunderstood, many think of this holy rite between a couple is wrong and they want no part in the act.  When in fact, this ancient act could be that which is missing in their marriage/relationship.  Many, now a days, refrain from “legal marriage” thinking that it’s not necessary and mainly just for the state to make a dollar.  This is where people are both right and wrong.  Marriage is a part of the ceremony of the sacred rite/holy union.  Many do not want to see this, as they are lost in Black Tantra and the numerous misunderstandings.  Would it surprise you to learn that there is a form of Tantra in all ancient civilizations?  From the Native Americans to the South American Quodoushkas, to the Asian Indians to European Pagans… the joining of two souls in a sexual sacred manner was part of their spirituality.  Sex has been tainted and is considered a dirty word. It seems that certain religions want to stop us from having the true enlightenment that comes from the bonding of this precious act.  So why.. why doesn’t everyone know this?  Simply, we aren’t taught this.  You see, in ancient times you were taught this at early ages, for this is something that requires dissolution of the EGO.  There was a step by step approach, kind of like learning any new thing.  Knowledge obtained wasn’t all at once, for you can not be a master when you are still lost within yourself.  This blatant disregard of  sacred knowledge caused its down fall, as many just cant quiet get past themselves.  Most religions today teach suppression of the EGO, stuffing it down rather than working through the various stages.  The stuffing down of the EGO and the perversion of sex can be the cause of many disorders.  I am not trying to put any religion down, I am simply wanting to educate people on the true path of enlightenment. Two souls coming together becoming one….entering the golden light of divinity. 

~ by SironaRose on May 26, 2014.

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