Turn the Page


My birthday was at the beginning of this month and I felt the deepness of this time a month ago.  It started out as feelings of sadness, sorrow and yes tears.  It quickly moved to one  of realization.  It wasn’t one of getting older, things I haven’t done, but one of “wow! Look what I have accomplished!”  Not talking about material things, although those are nice and fun, it was one of my life path.  I told a friend of mine that it feels like the past 5 years it seems it has been one of me being torn down only to be rebuilt.  End of a marriage, move, being a single parent, new relationships, relationships ending…my heart being broken, but then put back together.  I am seeing how these situations have made me view myself in different ways.  I have met parts of me that I do not really like, dealt with it and grew.  Along with others, I had torn myself apart, to rebuild, then tear myself apart again in order to rebuild better.  At this point I am able to sit, looking compassionately over who and what when on.  I am able to have compassion for those that have and that are still on the journey with me.  I truly did learn the lessons, your time was well received.  I have looked at the good times and bad times, now with forgiving and understanding eyes.  So today, looking back at the past, remembering those whom choose to walk this journey with me I am at complete PEACE…NO REGRETS!!!  Becoming more consciously enlightened, has allowed me to see through the illusions.  To truly see things/people as they are.  It can be absolutely amazing the things we get used to, getting past the asleep consciousness that’s the trick.  Sometimes to see the truth can be scary, moving past that fear to open your eyes is priceless.  This journey of mine has been interesting indeed.  I have asked “why me?” to just turn around and ask “why not me?”.   I have found a new found respect for myself, one of knowing my worthiness.  I am really liking the woman I am becoming.  I know that my journey isn’t quiet over, I still have many miles to cover.  I am at peace, as above so below.  So, now to turn a page.  I look forward to those who will come into my life and join me on my journey and I am so happy for those who are still with me.  Keeping my integrity close, speaking the power of my truth, armed with the gnosis (knowledge) of life and purity of heart, I end and begin a new decade of my life.  Continuing to awaken the divine feminine and masculine energy within me, to balance this divine energy. This metamorphosis is over, out of the cocoon, into the light…as above so below.   Enjoy the journey…

Namaste, and much much love and peace to you ALL ♥

~ by TerraRubrae on April 16, 2014.

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