Terra Report 3/20/2014


Happy Ostara (spring equinox) Southern hemisphere!  It is the beginning of spring and here in South Georgia, the sweetness is in the air.  Seems most people I have been talking to have been feeling a push..like some thing is going to happen.,..it is Change!  Yes, as most astrologers have been agreeing April is going to bring some strong energy with it, but for March the last full moon in Virgo gave us the cleansing and healing we all needed.  Mars being in retrograde isn’t a surprise for me, suggesting we slow down and get our ducks in a role…well as much as we can.  The first few months of this year has been a dozy for many.  See, these first 3 mos have been about manifesting.  Its energy was one of preparing and setting your intent for yourself.  Where do you see your self and what has been on your mind?  There have been several experiencing depression, and this is normal when we are letting go, releasing old attachments that no longer serve us.  We are cleansing self and when we do this we may feel some uncomfortable energy, it is leaving our energy..leaving an opening, so to speak, to allow us to have a place for something else, hopefully better.  But you see this depends on you.  Simply, you must be willing to surrender, surrender your addictions, those truths that turned out to be lies and your attachment to the IDEA of how it would turn out.  Allowing the process can be uncomfortable, as we are leaving our false of security, our rut we are stuck in.  Being open to our higher self, means having faith.  In this physical world, if we cant touch it we seem to think it doesn’t really exist…but is not it existing because you are willing to see it??  Equinoxes bring a shift, shift in our thinking, feelings/emotions.  So are you ready?  Have you been working at getting out of that feel bad place?  Take advantage of this time right now for releasing the things that hurt or harm you, there is no need for sacrifice.  Its time to tune in and allow positive abundance to grow in your life.  The only thing between you and your desire is opportunity, meaning you are the only one standing in your way.    Look at the world around you, change is definitely everywhere.  Change is the only constant.  This energy gives you a clean canvas, what will you paint?  We are coming out of the dark into the light…equality.  Be brave and go forth.  We will soon be in Aries and yes, it will be powerful. We are ending things in Pisces and releasing and surrendering and welcoming the energy of Aries to go forward and I am feeling heighten energy on relationships, getting or becoming more equal.  I am feeling many will come in contact with others more like minded, or strengthening those that already have them.  We can thank the energy of Venus in Aquarius, bringing us to more of a we are ONE mindset.  Joy, abundance and peace is pouring through.  I see many of us finding that happiness and our desires we were looking for.  Aquarius is about community, coming together and merging.  We are going forward trusting our intuition, we are going to love deeper and see our dreams fulfilled….love it ALL!  FLOW…just flow  initiate, go forth…and FLOW!

Namaste and much Joy & Love ♥

~ by SironaRose on March 20, 2014.

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