Soul’s Journey


I awoke to a clouded mind, jumbled with webs of confusion.  Noticing the sun, I  peaked out my curtains to see a day so beautiful, with a sky so blue I couldn’t help to want to go and taste her sweetness.  I found me a comfy place to lay down and just relax in Mother’s beauty.  I closed my eyes, my journey began.  The far tweets of a bird awoke me, I was a butterfly.  I was as blue as the sky, with black outlining my shape, I was so happy to be this butterfly.  I could smell all the sweetest of Mother.  I flew and I flew, playing here and there with other butterflies until I found this magical place.  It was actually a swamp full of beautiful flowers, all white, pink and purplish, all unique and equally as sweet. I had to taste them all, I just had to bathe in their essence, and I did!  It was so intoxicating, never had I felt so ONE with Mother.  I felt the gentle flow of her rivers as they mesmerized me.  I felt tired, my wings have flown a very long distance.  I rested upon a Pine tree.  The bark felt actually smooth on my legs.  I found me just the right place and I closed my eyes to rest.  The warmth of the sun awoke me, I was a hawk.  I am the mighty Hawk I thought.  Oh wow, I will be able to soar high in the sky.  The first step off the limb was quiet tricky, learning to fly always is.  I began to fly through the forest.  I could see every little thing it seemed.  Nothing escaped my sight everything was so beautiful.  I flew high, above the trees, then higher and higher.  I could see for miles, and when I focused I could see small field mice playing through the fields.  When I focused upon something, it magnified coming fully clear to me which made my journey to it quiet easy.  I decided to fly higher, higher, higher.  Oh, this is so freeing up here, feeling the wind tickle my feathers.  It reminded me of water flowing on my skin.  I reached the highest I could fly, then I decided I would dive back down to Mother.  I pointed my beak down and off I went.  My heart was pounding out of my chest it seemed, but my breathing was steady and calm.  I have never felt so connected to Earth.  I was truly ONE with Mother.   I was above this open field with a small patch of trees, I was getting tired so I decided to slow down.  I found me the perfect oak tree.  This tree had to be over 100 years old.  His branches was so very strong and reached out in many directions, towards the heavens and towards Earth.  I found me the perfect branch, snuggled next to the tree.  My eyes began to get heavy, turning my head, I closed my eyes and gentle rest fell upon me.  The calling of the whippoorwill  awoke me, it was dark.  Opening my eyes I realized I was an Owl.  I could feel ancient knowledge flowing through my veins.  In the darkness, I could see, see things as they had never been revealed to me.  I could see what others were hidding, from others and themselves.  I knew what the bumps in the night were.  Flying above the trees, I could see rabbits scurrying about, as they sensed me coming.  I flew through neighborhoods, seeing underneath the masks that many people wear.  I seen their deepest, darkest secrets and their desperate attempt to keep them hidden from others.  I found a meadow where I watched a skulk of fox playing underneath the dark sparkling sky.  I began to smell the dampness of the Earth rise, I knew sunrise was coming soon.  I found me an old abandoned barn so I could rest.  I had seen so much, was able to peak beyond the veil bringing me much clarity.  I began to understand how and why others are the ways they are and began to feel myself and truly see me and how it all connects.  Things became clearer and simpler to me.  My thoughts changed, and a wholeness had developed in me.  I had never felt so close nor had so much respect for Mother and I knew I was ONE with Her. As I rested in that barn, stillness invaded my busy mind.  I closed my eyes, but this time I felt the change.  It felt like a wave over my body and was a bit unpleasant.  It was very painful at times and at others it was pure ecstasy.  The last part, I think, was the most painful and as the songs of the mourning dove encouraged me to open my eyes, I noticed I was a crow.  As the sun rose and complete stillness made it presence, I was a crow.  My body a little lighter, all the knowledge remained.  I felt that I had to return home, for the sun waits for none.  As I flew home to rejoin my body, the truly one thing I always wanted to remember is my closeness to Mother Earth.  I could feel the energy of all that was around me.  I had a different kind of compassion in my heart, a deeper appreciation, a love.  As I flew my last mile home to my resting body, I never in my life felt so connected to Mother Earth, we are ONE  and I knew that only through darkness can light be found.


~ by SironaRose on March 14, 2014.

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