Terra Report 2/24/2014


As I began to write this, I wrote the date wrong..I wrote 22/24/2014  hmm the funny thing is I am going to be writing about how important it is for us to listening to our intuition!  HA  I love it 🙂  So, welcome to the end of February, seems we just welcomed in the new year.  I wish I could say some thing different, but the energy of change is still heavily around us.  We SO need to be listening to our intuition.  We need to learn to be OK with our psychic self.  We have entered into Pisces, to be more exact the Sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces.  This is explaining why some are feeling an energy of catastrophe.  Last time this happened was in 1864, right before the Civil War in the US.   We have been doing a lot of changing within ourselves as well.  This is that change energy.  A lot of us have been going through some rough times.  We are learning more about ourselves, faced some deep truths about our self and others, we have had to see our self.  We have had to deal with our emotions, those we haven’t been able to deal with.  We have made new personal boundaries, learning how to liberate our hearts and others are changing careers/life paths, rethinking relationships and who we can trust.  Mercury in retrograde isn’t helping here, or is it??  You see Mercury being in retrograde gives us that energy of going IN-ward, through this we are able to see with clarity, learn to listen to our intuition.    Jupiter in Cancer has enhance that emotionally exhausted feeling, It’s OK, deal with that you need to deal with…but move past it as well.  I feel that we are coming into new information as well; self, others etc.  Be open to change.  Pisces talks directly to Spirit, with Neptune in Pisces this is a direct line.  Those that are having trouble releasing, will still have difficult times.  This is part of a battle with EGO.  EGO is about security and yes that’s what is it supposed to do, protect us.  We need to release and listen..you have to get quiet and listen..thoroughly not just for what you want to hear..ALL of it!  I feel there are messages coming to folks and they just aren’t hearing all that is said.  Intuition.   We have to get out of our own way.  Many are on the threshold of having all they have been working toward, but are afraid to go forward and experience their manifestation.  You’ve worked hard..GO FOR IT..but after Mercury gets done retrograding.  I do feel that Spirituality will be highlighted, I am feeling more of personal connections to Spirit rather than excepting others dogma.  Also since Pisces is over the nervous system, it is best to make time for meditation every day..maybe even a couple times if needed, stay calm!

PS: 22 is about intuition,  balance, personal power, expansion, its manifesting you highest desires and encourages us to work on our soul path

PSS:  8 is the sum of the date and its about in Christianity is is associated with the entrance to the Covenant of God.   Manifesting abundance and inner wisdom, balancing the material with the immaterial world.  8 is the great Karmic Equalizer, you will reap what you sow!


~ by SironaRose on February 24, 2014.

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