Listening –A lost art


With Mercury in retrograde communication is definitely in the spot light. For communication to properly happen, all indivoduals must truly listen to the other. Most of us are only listening to respond…meaning yea you said what you needed to but here’s the truth. Then we get into the egoic battle of debating. Don’t get me wrong, I was a debater at one time so I know the rush.  Truly opening yourself to fully hear and try to understand what another is saying is something I see that has all but faded.  Seems people are so focused on “their” opinion being the “right” opinion, makes communication frustrating.  When some one is speaking to you, you shouldn’t be thinking of a come should be LISTENING to them!  Listen to their opinion on how they see things, then try to see it their way.  If you are grounded and stable in your truth, there is no need to prove it because you should be showing it.  This is why communication fails.  We have to be open to the person we are communicating with, listening to what they say.  People mostly just want to be understood, and sometimes true we cant completely understand but we can at least try to see their perspective.  True communication happens when both are listening to each other, taking in the others words. Remember, your way is your way and maybe not be the best path for them!  The next time you are talking with some one, be mindful..are you truly listening to what they are saying or are you waiting for your chance to reply?



~ by TerraRubrae on February 20, 2014.

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