Terra Report 2/9/2014

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This intense energy is hitting us all and at times we are so not prepared.  January is already over and we are almost half way through February..WOW time is flying by..distraction, emotional upheavals, maybe your way of life being changed or paths being changed..there is change in the air.  Mercury in retrograde is hitting us all right now.  This energy is really making us look inside of us to see why these changes are happening.  It is time to be observer here, look at all aspects/happenings of your life as if it isnt you..your having to step outside of you to be able to truly see.  You have to understand that some times certain people may not be able to continue on the path with you.  No judgement, it is what it is..neither good nor bad..just simply is.  We are fully seeing the connection with the statement “As above, so below..As without, so within”.  See our outer lives and our inner lives connect.  If you are uncomfortable with something, energy is working to edge that out because we are out growing it.  We are being moved by destiny..by fate.  We have to follow the laws of the universe.  Mercury in retrograde is enabling us to see this, believe it our not.  We have to be like water, fluid and changeable.  With Mercury in retro and Uranus playing her cards, there maybe some confusion.  Its like some one threw a wrench in the wheel.  We have to see the big picture, Divine Intelligence.  Divine Timing.  We have to be making our plans with our highest good in mind.  Listen to your intuition.  Maybe your supposed to just BE, meditate..just listen to your intuition.  Conscious expansiveness is what is being called forward.  We have to learn our lessons, then grow..expand.  Some times we have to cut open some wounds in order for them to be cleanse so they can heal properly.  I fully believe we are becoming more conscious, compassion is setting into our hearts and we are understanding that it able WE!  We are not alone here on Mother Earth, we have to consider that for every thought, action or deeds we may do.  Its time to walk your true path, listening to your intuition..I know you may be super busy, but you cant deny your gifts any longer.  If you truly want change and want happiness within, you will do what ever it takes to cleanse yourself of all that doesn’t belong, all the while preparing yourself for this change, focus on your passion.  Feeling that passion, sparks the Law of Attraction….the just watch for the synchronicity!  Don’t believe me??  Just try it.  For one week, edge out all the unnecessary dramatic chaos in your life.  You got a drama queen friend, distance yourself for a minute, tell that moocher NO, take some time for yourself.  See, that kind of energy is draining, taking you away from YOU.  You have to be grounded and centered and energetic to work through your challenges to be able to see and achieve your highest good.  Full Moon in Leo is coming upon us, take this down time in order to shine your inner light brightly for Valentines weekend!


~ by TerraRubrae on February 9, 2014.

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