Seeking happiness?


Taking some time to myself for the holidays, having to have a bit of transition time for myself, I was able to do a lot of observing.  Many have been going through great change and are having to completely reinvent themselves.  Now change is normally one thing that many do not take kindly to.  With change comes stepping out of our comfort zones, maybe even stepping against the tides at times.  We dont like it because its unfamiliar to us, fear of the unknown.  It seems we all have bought into the false idea of security.  When we fully understand that we are living on a living being, Mother Earth, it is easier to relax to the idea of change.  You see change is the only constant in this world…change will find its way to us every single time.  This change has come because of your asking, maybe even a soul yearning, begging at times.  Change comes to us by us consciously or subconsciously wanting to expand.  In order to have something bigger/greater than we have now, may mean that major changes have to take place in our life ie loss of a job or a break-up in relationships. Change happens for the want of happiness.  Happiness…one thing we all seek!  We want our lives filled with  For some they seem to always be surrounded by it, for others it seems like a distant light at the end of a tunnel.  Some go through this person and that one, this job to that one just seeming to hop, skip or jump to that which they feel will bring them complete happiness but yet it still evades them…or does it?  For some, there is such an attachment to the out come they over compensate, putting too much pressure on the situation in fact causing the opposite of what they are wanting to happen.  The key here is to remain like water. Move and flow, water always takes shape of the object it is in.  When we are unhappy we call forth the energy of change, because we want the change to make us feel better.  When this happens, many are not truly prepared and this change they wanted so badly puts them in uncomfortable places. The secret here is you have to work at this.  You are in charge of your happiness, no other. Sure things/people may add to it, but you are happiness’s true source.  You want a better job, then begin to prepare for it.  You want a new relationship, then prepare for it.  Take responsibility for YOU and make things happen.  Use affirmations, Law of Attraction or whatever you use to get yourself there, but take action in your life.  Stop allowing others to dictate your life.  Learn to see things in new perspectives, look outside the box and find the good in all the situations.  Breathe through it (center yourself), only from a point of being grounded and centered can you manifest and make decisions for their highest good.  This process can be confusing at first and if you do need help, contact me lets see what we can do!

Namaste ♥

~ by TerraRubrae on January 27, 2014.

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