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All of us at some point in our lives will realize that the only thing or person that ever stood in the way of getting exactly what we wanted was our self.  High insight is twenty-twenty, but really didnt we notice this at the time??  What really makes us stand in our own way as we travel down our journey of self and what we want to do or even shine in our greatness?  Is it FEAR?  Fear, as we know, makes us act in many ways that may seem abnormal for us.  We would do or say things out of our character because of that dreaded feeling of fear.  We have stayed in toxic relationships, in dead end jobs or even living in a place due to the fact of not knowing what is around the next corner.  Fear should feed our want belly, it should fuel us to steadily stay on our path maybe even give us that edge to continue on when we dont feel like we have the strength to continue.  Instead we let this lil word turn us into a cowardly scaredy-cat!  But what exactly are we afraid of?  Are we afraid that we just might get what we want…then what?  Or are we afraid of putting our self out there, be exposed to the world, vulnerable even?  Is that it??  Being exposed and vulnerable, sharing our self from the inside out, letting others see our bright light shining..yes this can be intimidating for a lot of people.  We hear the phrase “Know thyself”, but what does this really mean and how does this phrase fit in here with this post.  Well simply, to know who we are to our core is to overcome that feeling of fear.  To know who you truly are is to look that demon, fear,  in the eye and conquer it.  It is to say, YES to yourself and all of your gifts, not caring if its OK with society or even how others see us.  It is to fully bask in the juiciness of yourself, not sacrificing one more piece of yourself for the happiness of another.  Some times this world goes so fast that we forget to remember who we are, we get lost in the world.  I am really not one to quote the bible (thats another blog!) but here I am reminded of Jesus stating to live/be in this world, but to not be worldly.  I feel he simply means, yea we have to play the game, but do not get lost in the hype.  To remain/remember who we are, but not getting lost in what the world says we should or shouldn’t be.         In my short time here on Mother Earth, I have accomplished quiet a bit of things, they may not seem a lot to some, but for me they are tremendous.  That said, fear still creeps up on me as well, I am not excluded here!  We are constantly changing and expanding and as we are doing so there are new situations that pop up to us.  As we are wanting, attracting stuff to us, we usually don’t stop and think “well what will I do when I get it?”.  Yes true, we will be happy, but with that comes the responsibility of that, meaning accepting that path other things come with it.  For example, you want to be a teacher, so you go to college get your teaching you did it!!  Then you have to actually teach!!!  You have to put yourself up there in front of others, exposing maybe many fears for you. Sure you’ve done a bit of this while in school, but this time its all YOU!  For some it is welcomed, for others it can be very intimidating.  So what do we do?  How do we stop getting in our own way and allow fear to beat us?  Simply saying to face it isn’t going to work for some.  I have had to face mine and honestly some times it really worked, others I felt well like I was a fumbling fool.  Yes, there are several sites that offer us tools to use, but honestly it really comes down to us.  When we are tired of beating our heads against the wall, we will make the necessary changes we need to make…but what to do in the meantime!  As you can probably tell I am at a point of that transition.  Wanting to go forward, but having to learn to keep myself out of my own way.  Sure I have accomplished a lot, but I am changing, expanding and wanting to know more and better, to be better person, healer, Mother, guide, intuitive, writer, etc.  Do you know why you stand in your way?  Do you know how to get our of your own way and do you have any advice to share to help others in similar places in their lives?  We are at the end of a year, on the verge of beginning a new one.  This year we are helped out with the New Moon being on January 1, 2014.  This energy will aid us in adding to the energy of planting new seeds, having new beginnings.  Maybe this added energy will be that missing link for us to face our fears and to Know Thy Self!  

Be safe..Much Much Love to you ALL                                                                                                                                                     Namaste, Stacy 

~ by SironaRose on December 29, 2013.

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