Today I felt the need to pull a card for all and I wanted to share!! This card is from The Savannah Deck (www.thesavannahdeck.com if you want a deck). It is a cartomancy deck consisting of 22 cards.

Today I pulled the Empress card. This is about nurturing, fertility/abundance. On this card we see the couple at the old Savannah port watching the ships come in. As if they are awaiting an arrival of some kind. This card has great feminine energy and watery urging us to listen to our intuition and our emotions. This is a good card for this time of year, reminding us of nurturing ourselves and not let the stress over take us. Take care of you!!

Are you taking care of yourself??  Stress is high for most people but this time of year really wipes some of us out completely.  Take some time to care for you?  Stay away from the “comfort foods” going for more healthy foods.  Go for a walk to clear you mind, or to gain a new perspective.  Breathe!!!  I mean breathe….deeply not the shallow breath we are used to breathing.  Spend some time in nature taking note of all the beauty that surrounds you.  Breathe that fresh air deeply into your lungs oxygenating all of your cells.  If you want you can also add some crystals to help you.  One I use a lot is Amethyst, it helps calm you and if your needing some grounding, carry a blood stone.  If you just need protected by negative energy you can use the trusty Hematite and just love to repel that negative energy.  You might even want to see your local Reiki Master to help you balance your Chakras, giving yourself a bit of a tune up to allow the stress to pass you on by!  Dont forget music..it is the food of love.  Most importantly…..Dont forget YOU during this busy time.

Much Love, Namaste

Stacy Hill

~ by SironaRose on December 3, 2013.

One Response to “Empress”

  1. So glad you are enjoying The Savannah Deck!

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