You and NO One Else

the-birth-of-divine-loveMany of us have began to awaken to our mystical sides.  We are beginning to open up to our unique special gifts.  Whether they be intuitive, empathic, medium or just be that life coach to help others bring clarity to their dreams and live them.  Although some of us are finding our spiritual families, there are still others out there that are pretty much keeping their gifts in the closet.  I, myself, am beginning to meet some very gifted souls with a lot to offer to all, but I am noticing a hesitation.  We all have known of so called “spiritual people” that take advantage or maybe we go to some kind of a meet up and feel “I can do better than that”.  So my question is…why dont you?  It is very much time to live through our soul.  With Chiron moving direct, this really supports us going forward in this direction.  I have had many tell me that they are still in fact healing themselves, but aren’t we all?  I feel, in order to help some one heal, you first have to help yourself.  Its the concept, as with out, so with IN.  What is it in your soul that you desire to do with your life?  Are you interested in healing others?  Do you enjoy painting?  Spend some time alone and listen to your soul speak to you in a language that will feed your soul for eternity.  You and no one else can walk your soul’s journey.


Stacy Hill

~ by TerraRubrae on November 19, 2013.

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