Terra Report

Rebirth by UujuIt has been a while since I wrote…guess I don’t have to tell everyone this energy has been…………interesting.  We just got past the Full Moon in Taurus and a solar eclipse.  Very powerful, intense energies going on for many.  Seems more people are being forced to let go and the rose colored glasses are being ripped off.  This is even for our self.  Are you happy with what you are looking at in the mirror?  Solar Flares a-happening as well..Oh my!!  One message that has been continuous is Change.  I am still hearing many having to re-birth themselves.  For some this has been very drastic, completely changing the course of direction of their life’s journey.  For others this is a time of Full Circle.  We are going back to an energy that must be finished, cleared, resurrected or completely closing the door.  We need to be completely present and be totally aware.  In cases, there is a complete change of perspective on situations/experiences.  Maybe we are righting a wrong…or something we thought was wrong.  This intense energy, believe it or not, is leading us to find our hearts desires and actually aid us in manifesting these desires and dreams.  You can thank Jupiter and Mars here, then with Mercury and Pluto energy this week, focusing on communication and transformation..wow!  What does all this actually mean?  That you are definitely not alone in this necessary chaos that is bringing us around to our true self, if you allow it.  Know that these changes are in fact necessary and no matter how difficult it may be, the outcome will be worth it.  I didn’t say easy…I said worth it!  Try not to resist this intense energy, just go with it, allowing the unfolding using that intense energy to transmute the chaos energy to manifest your dreams.  The full circles are coming up for a reason.  I do believe in soul contracts, having to fix things karmicly.  Be aware, hopefully you have learned from your mistakes and listen to your intuition.  The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, be advised you may experience deep feelings of deja vu and synchronicity.

Namaste & Much Love

Stacy Hill

art: Rebirth by Uuju

~ by TerraRubrae on November 18, 2013.

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