Terra Report 10/13/2013


Welcoming the fall has either been a BANG for some or a PAIN for others.  For many of us it seems we are coming full circle.  Still there are others that still haven’t learned their lessons, so they are continuing to make the same mistakes, pick the same kind of person or just stay stagnant in their lives.  Why is change so hard for us?  Is it that we are in fact lazy??  I don’t think so, I think it is the unknown that gets to many of us..the “what ifs”.  The only thing constant in this world is Change.  So by staying in our rut, are we in fact throwing the baby out with the water?  This energy has been hard for a lot of us, good and bad.  We are being forced to see US.  It seems that if we aren’t releasing things that do not serve us, they are being ripped from us. I feel that energy will continue for a bit.  For those that have done their inner work, you are coming full circle and the feeling of Karma clear or balance energy is moving through you.  Others that are stuck, they are beginning to see more and more evidence that they are stuck and must come out and trying to find the way.  I wish I could tell those the exact way to go, but unfortunately I can not.  This is inner work!  This is where we go into the dark night of the soul and figure out who we are.  Luckily, this energy is supporting us!  The planets and stars are even supporting this transmutation within ourselves at this time.  This energy has been powerful, but yet in some ways nurturing.  This energy is supporting us as we boldly go down these paths that we have laid in front of us, consciously or unconsciously.  We have been or in the process of redefining ourselves, bringing us closer to our true essence.  I am not excluded here, I have definitely felt the full circle for myself and I have been doing a lot of soul work.  So no, no one is excluded here.  The advice I can give you is to keep breathing!  Yes I know, but that will help you.  Breathe, dont react hastily, stay grounded as this can be a very emotional time.  We are in transition right now, like being birthed into a new age/energy.  Just allow all that does not serve you to fall away, the truth will and is prevailing right now and remember to LOVE YOU!!



~ by TerraRubrae on October 14, 2013.

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