Terra Report


I hope every one had an wonderful Autumn Equinox!  I do hope what you reap is delicious and is what your heart desires.  There is a lot going on astrologically, Pluto came out of retrograde so hopefully that is going to allow us to completely transmute.  Yes this is the word of the year really…TRANSMUTE!  We are being master alchemist of our lives, taking what we have and available and transforming that to what will bring us abundance.  We’ve had a wonderful energy of clearing old stagnant energy and especially that energy that we had  to clear.  Yes, seems we might have to go through  some kind of symptoms of this clearing.  Veils are being lifted from our eyes.  We are becoming more comfortable in our bodies, and doing things that are in complete harmony within.  I am feeling the ancestors especially strong right now, and normally their energy is high this time of year, but this energy is a bit different.  Its one of remembrance.  They are wanting us to remember their knowledge, the wisdom they left behind for us.   They are saying it is time to combine the ancient with the new, Combine those energies allowing it to transmute allowing the balance to fully emerge.  I feel Mother Earth tremble, not in a scary way but more of an ecstatic way..ecstasy!   So what does this mean?  We are evolving, we are being in gratitude.  We know the static old energy has to go and we are welcoming the new energy, that fertile energy of possibility.  We are coming into BE-ing SELF!  Compassion is truly awakening in our hearts, we know there must be a balance and a justice.  We are allowing our true self to shine, standing on our rock of truth, released the fear and walked into our essence of limitless possibilities.  We are all unique and have our own special gifts to share with humanity, allowing ourselves to be the highest expression of who you are!



~ by TerraRubrae on September 27, 2013.

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