Looking Back, Divine Masculine/Feminine



Over a year ago, Jun 21, 2012, speaking about Masculine Energy that I feel is coming back around.  Here’s the link to it just in case you want to read it again or for the first time.


I am one that truly loves being a woman and I love my feminine energy.  Balancing my feminine energy with my masculine energy can be tricky for me.  You see, the Masculine energy helps direct the feminine energy.  Masculine energy supports the feminine energy, helps direct it and protect it.  While I am getting lost in my Tantric meditations, I feel myself just wrapped in the ecstasy of creation.  I see possibilities, ideas, thoughts, different forms of creative expressions.  This is a wonderful place, I tell you!  The magnificent limitlessness of possibilities are just WOW!  And now FOCUS!  Connecting to our Divine Masculine helps us with this process.  Our Feminine creates while our Masculine energy acts.  It is wonderful how we work within.   As the feminine awakens us to our our intuition (gut feelings) and our emotions and Masculine helps us to direct it.  So how do we go about utilizing these energies in our every-day-life?  Well, simply put we must bring down our logical (male) and balance that with our emotions/intuition (female).  We have to get out of our heads and begin to feel with our hearts.  Using intellect while using compassion.  We know certain things, but we must also learn how to feel again.  For too long we have lived in a ridged patriarch, while lots of suffering has taken place, this is not Divine Masculine either its EGO.  Obviously this has not worked.  As the days roll by we are being shown in every second how much this is needed.  BALANCE!  The first place we start is within ourselves.  Learn to trust ourselves, feel our emotions, stop suppressing important things in our lives…feel and listen!  We have got to stop going through live like a zombie.  Awaken to your Divine Masculine/Feminine!!!  The sweetness of life is waiting for you!  Stop doing things that cause you self destruction, do the things that bring you growth and LOVE.  Bring back passion into your lives and let that drive you.  Stop being afraid of YOU.    It is truly wonderful to see this energy unfolding!  Much LOVE to you ALL!!!


Stacy ♥

~ by SironaRose on September 17, 2013.

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