Terra Report 9/14/2013


Hello Sweeties!  WOW what a ride this energy has been?  It seems it has been either “good” or “growth”  energy for us.  Some are really having to re-define themselves, while others are trying to find time for all the blessings coming at them.  So why such extreme energy?  Well simply put, its time to shake things up.  Its time to “get our stuff” together.  No more laziness and letting others take the lead.  YOU ARE YOUR GURU!!!  Seems we are being forced to be our true authentic selves.  WE are intelligent enough to see what isn’t working, so lets be intelligent enough to make those necessary changes.  What is stopping you?  Yes sometimes it is financial, I think we all know that feeling.  What can we do to be the water and move around these bumps in our lives?  Well first off is community!!!  YES!!!!  Seems every where we go we are seeing UNITY, COMMUNITY, COMING TOGETHER.  How are you supporting this and what can you do?? Look where you are, look at your friends, there are some truly gifted people, tuned in to the divine source that maybe going through some transitions, can you help them?  You see, we have been so conditioned by society to be to ourselves, dog eat dog world and that is SOOOOooooooo old paradigm!  Sure there are times that we need to be, but in these times of great change there are others that could use our help.  This is community!  Helping those that are in need of what we may have…remember the word barter!!

This weekend we have the energy of EXPERIENCING!  Take time to experience all of what is happening around you, don’t judge or label just experience it, its what we came here to do..stop and smell the roses, yes 🙂   You see these energies that are coming to us are tearing away things that are not for the overall good of our planet.  As we come out of the weekend of experiencing, we must then take into account of all that we did experience and go from there.  The energy that is coming about astrologically is that which was planted in the mid 60s, the hippie peace movement yes.  Living in this advanced technology world that we live in NOW allows us to reach out, meet others miles away, expand our consciousness and become aware of the wonderfulness that is out there to experience.  This energy is allowing us to fertilize that energy, allowing it to expand, allowing us to fully integrate the awareness that we are ONE!  We are expansive, and we are learning that we can only go forward if we are expanding in ways that are for the highest good for ALL and Mother Earth!  We came through that powerful portal on the 21st of December, sure it wasn’t the visual that some had, but you see that is of the old paradigm.  We are learning that we must incorporate our intuition/feelings/emotions (feminine), coming out of the logical/mental aspects and balance the scales of the Masculine and Feminine.  This is part of the awakening of the Divine Feminine.  We are fully coming to the awareness that leaving our mystical selves/energy out of life has harmed us in so many ways.  It has taken the humanity out of us ALL!

One small pebble can change the flow of a stream, but many can completely change the flow of the stream!  We are more powerful in numbers, remember this!  Have a great weekend EXPERIENCING LIFE!

Much Love..Namaste


~ by SironaRose on September 14, 2013.

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  1. the card above is from the Osho Zen tarot deck 🙂

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