Terra Report 8/14/2013



Happy Wednesday everyone!!  This energy has been, well whooooaaaaaa!  Intensity for sure.  Pluto has been playing a big part in astrology lately.  Oh and lets not forget about Jupiter as well.  Pluto is the planet of undoing and even self destruction.  This is where we make transitions, Pluto strips away illusions.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and be a compass for our dreams.  A lot of us are being force to look in the mirror at ourselves.  We are having to release all that doesn’t work for us anymore.  Our illusions unraveling one by one, showing us raw truth, even deep in our psyche that maybe holding stagnate/negative energy.  Pluto is a very deep and dark portal of transformation.  Some may really be experiencing their shadow.  Seems with this energy, the more you fight against the flow, the more unraveling you will face.  But you see, this can be a huge blessing as well.  This energy is allowing of that letting go.  If you will surrender, and stop trying to control everything, just BE for a moment, you will see how things aren’t syncing in your life.  In the stillness, we can see the blocks, allowing us to release.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune.  Ruling over knowledge, Jupiter is very much supporting this.

The main theme is purging/releasing all we no longer need, showing us the illusions we have set before ourselves and illusions others have been portraying to us.  If you allow this letting go to take place, you will continue to go with the flow and start seeing things sync again in your life.  If you are clinging to old ways, ideas, habits, you will have more strife.  So take a moment and relax, meditate.  Be in stillness and step outside the box so you can see things from a different perspective.  If you are truly tired of the drama, you will release it.  The thing about change, its the only thing that is a constant!  I am feeling that the energy will soon change from the purging to one of growth by full moon.  So take advantage of this energy.  Release, allow the illusions to unravel revealing the ripe field of growth to unfold in front of you.  Plant your new dreams/ideas, allowing them to take root so they may offer you an abundant bounty.



~ by TerraRubrae on August 14, 2013.

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