Goddess of Many Names


Great Goddess  Ishtar, Inanna, Hathor, Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, Diana, Kali, Freya.. Goddess of many names HAIL TO THEE!!  On this powerful Full Moon, we hear your call.  Through the winds, we hear our ancestor’s wisdom leading our hearts.  There have been many who claim you, yet not walk your path.  For your path is true, wise and of depth, not shallow and based on the surface.  My Sweet Mother you have been working your magick upon me, showing me my weakness only to make me stronger.  Great Mother, I am your Priestess in full glory!  I have walked through the underworld…being stripped of all the illusions of this world.  You have showed me my strength when I felt I had none.  You have given me light in complete darkness.  As I have danced in your name, you have sent the snakes of the Kundalini to guide me in trance..as I have re-birthed, it is within your womb that I am nurtured and given life…it is YOUR breast that I suckle from, drinking in your sacred wisdom….as I have made love, you have made me the purest vessel to carry your energy..allowing me to give YOU to others!  As I have spoke, your voice carried through me strong and true…even being the  justice that needed to be righted.  I offer my heart to you to spread your love to Gaia and all of its life..every plant, animal, human…all living things!  I am your vessel, I AM your Priestess!!  Oh Mother, shine through me brightly so every one will know your name!  OOO HAIL GREAT GODDESS OF MANY NAMES, ISHTAR, INANNA, HATHOR, ISIS, APHRODITE, VENUS, KALI, DIANA, FREYA!!!!  Continue to walk with us, allowing you to fully awaken in all of your Priestess here on Gaia!!!

Blessed be thy feet that have brought thee to these ways

Blessed be thy knees which shall kneel at the sacred altar

Blessed by thy womb for without it, we would not BE

Blessed be thy breasts, that are formed in beauty

Blessed be thy lips that shall utter the sacred names!

Thank you Sweet Mother, maiden Mother and Crone!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Many Blessings



~ by TerraRubrae on July 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Goddess of Many Names”

  1. Jai Ma ❤

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