Unity not Separateness



No lie, there is a lot of chaos going on the in the world right now..maybe chaos is not a strong enough word!  I have been seeing on social networks the EGO in full force.   I will not give it much of my energy, but I do feel I need to get this out for the Goddess has pressed it hard upon my heart.

We have lived far too long in separateness.  Most we taught we are separate from each other and even from our own Divine Creator!  ENOUGH!!!  We have spiritual paths that have been called heathen and just plain wrong in the past because of misunderstandings.  I will not get into where the misinformation came from I feel we must focus on the cure.  NOW we are at a point in time where we are opening up, discovering these new spiritual paths, ideas, theologies.  And these same folks to screamed understand us, see how beautiful our path is, are now upset that every one is!  The time of separation is OVER!  We should concentrate on healing and uniting us as humans instead of races or spiritual paths.  I am seeing in some of the “Spiritual” communities there is still a lot of EGO..I am right you are wrong.  Why??  How does this heal??  It makes me think of two babies laying in a crib crying for attention.

Let us heal..ourselves, each other and the Earth!  We are here together, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!  I am not saying we have to accept, I am saying agree to disagree.  Understand that every one has their own path, own feelings with ideas.  If we all live the Spiritual life we claim to be living, this will not be hard.  We are all brothers and Sisters on this planet, connected by interwoven energy.  How can we evolve and grow if we cant get past ourselves??  ALL of our ancestors are calling to us…can you hear them??  Can you hear the love in their voices as they are trying to guide you?  Can you put yourself aside long enough to surrender to the Divine and allow a truly metamorphosis to happen within you??  If you can then hear me cry out to you….We all have our own gifts and we are hear to help each other to learn, to love, to grow and evolve.  The only way we will stop repeating the past is to stop living it!!!  Yes things might need to be done differently now..its OK. Learn empathy and compassion!  These are two of the greatest allies that will help you on your path and every day life.  Lets find our commonalities and grow from there.  Open your heart and allow the healing to come in!

Much love and peace to you!  May you always live Life in Ecstasy!!


~ by TerraRubrae on July 15, 2013.

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