Great Mother Serpent


Great Mother Serpent

I am dancing with the Great Mother Serpent. I feel her as she slivers over my body. I feel her rattling the cage of oppression, setting me free, I feel my Kundalini rise.
GREAT MOTHER, this dance is causing so much chaos, but is shattering the illusion and forcing my heart wide open showing me my inner passions making me speak my truth, stand tall in my truth. I feel the passion that you invoke from me. I feel the warmth of your nurturing love helping me shed away all the destructive forces with in my life. Great Mother Serpent, as you awaken my Kundalini, you set my Chakras on fire, my heart is burning with desire allowing me to see my Soul’s True Path and enabling me to blissfully live my life in true ecstasy as it should be! Thank you Great Mother Serpent, Thank you, thank you thank you!
So Be It!

These are words that came to be as I meditated with the Goddess this morning!

Namaste and Live Life in Ecstasy ❤


~ by TerraRubrae on July 12, 2013.

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