Sacred Sex


Sacred sex. When this word is said we immediately see images of ancient Indian art depicting erotic sexual positions between two or more lovers. Unfortunately, it is just known as having great sex. This is true, but there is so much more. Sacred sex has been around for centuries. Ancient artifacts show at one time the female body was considered sacred, holy, she brought forth life. And ancient temples of the Goddess, there were highly trained priestesses specifically trained in the art of sacred sex. They were known as Qadishtu, sacred prostitutes. In these temples it was understood that sex was sacred and was a way of worshiping the Goddess. The Priestess would become a vessel for the Goddess to enter during the sexual act so the transcendent states of ecstasy could be achieved. In the Temples of the Goddess, women were held in the highest esteem. Sex was viewed as the highest sacrament, a way of accessing the divine. The practice of sacred sex was held in temples for the Goddess and Inanna and Ishtar in Mesopotamian, as it was a way to divinely bless the land with fertility.


Today’s definition of a prostitute is very different from the definition of the prostitute in that time. Such as the word virgin. During those times, all of the priestesses were considered virgins. The definition of the Virgin meant not tied to a man, an independent woman. Today this act is looked down upon, considered one of the worst professions. But, I see by today standards, the act of sacredness has been taken out of sex. It has been replaced with simple gratification. I’m sure we have all heard the saying that sex sells. Sex is one of the most precious things that we can share with another yet it is continuously considered wrong and for some, taboo. The problem here lies is that we have taken sacredness out of our everyday lives. We fail to see beyond the top layer. Some are even fearful of the spiritual connection they can be obtained with another during the act of sex. Maybe that fear is what led to the”sinfulness”of sex deeming women evil.


Tantra and sacred sex are one and the same. Both help us reach divine ecstasy. When used in relationships, it can bring the couple closer together thus providing a spiritual connection. You see, when we are practicing sacred sex we are joining the divine feminine in the divine masculine, the Shakti and Shiva. We are being vessels for the Goddess and God, allowing our souls to be joined as one. Sacred sex should be practiced with those that are on your same level of understanding. You do not want to take advantage of someone else who does not have the same understandings of sacred sex as you do. We do not want to harm or hurt, we want to share divine love. There are those who practice sacred sex with just one person, and then there are those who practice sacred sex with many people. I feel this is at your discretion, but I do advise you to only be with those who were on your level of understanding. However you decide to practice this beautifully divine art, remember the sacredness, the sacrament, the blissful divine ecstasy this helps create in our lives.




~ by SironaRose on July 11, 2013.

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