Peaceful Shadow



Lilith met  me on a wooded path.  We had work to do it seemed.  We could not hesitate, it had to be now.  As we walked deeper and deeper in the woods along the path, there were many distractions for me, even heard a baby crying.  Each one she said ‘Pay it no mind, for it is not real”, and I continued to follow her through the thickness of the wood.  I thought at first this was weird, her being dark and me being light.  But I kept on, for I knew of the greater good it was to bring.  She lead me to a small body of water.  The water was swirling about.  She took my hand, said some words and the water turned into a mirror.  We began to see things happening, the energy wasn’t directed.  She even felt the uneasy of this energy.  This energy was rattled both of our cages.  As we stood there, hand in hand, I could feel the work being done.  At one point we had to hide behind a rock, yes we were being hunted.  An arrow was fired, she caught it in mid air.  Nothing was going to stop this transmutation that must take place.  As we kept working this energy the whole area became a vortex.  This balance is what we must succeed in doing.  I do not remember leaving that woods with Lilith, for you see she was a part of ME!

Lilith is very prominent in astrology right now.  We have entered Cancer, emotions and nurturing.  Our deepest emotions are being stirred up, we have to deal with them.  Lilith represents the outcast, the unjust, frustration, anger.  We are taught these are negative and in essence they are, but using these negatives to make positives is the trick!  Constructively using this energy to transmute it into what feels good for us.  It is giving us the juice to make the change happen.  So let it!  Allow this is awaken awareness inside of you in order to clear all the clutter out.. Have balance!

I am proud to say that Lilith is my shadow.  She stood her ground.  She would not let another put her under them.  Lilith is equality, not submission.  She is strong and confident.  Loyal to herself and her beliefs.  She doesn’t worry herself with others doings, as long as they do not affect her.  Do you feel your shadow?  Is she/he talking to you?  Making/forcing you to stand up for yourself?  Deal with emotions that you thought were over and done with?   In order for the balance to be present in our lives that we all so want and need, we must make peace with these things.  This is one way we transmute!

Namaste & Live in Ecstasy

Stacy Hill “MorningStar”

~ by TerraRubrae on June 29, 2013.

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