Terra Energy Report


It has been a bit since I last wrote about the feel of the energy.  As some of you already know, its been a very fast paced energy.  This energy is very loving for some but there are truths revealing themselves.  There are a lot of folks that are going through complete changes, taking roads they never thought they would.  And for the many of us we are learning some raw truths about ourselves and others and even our environment.  Just listen to the news, secrets are flying out of the closets!  Changing many many lives.  No matter what religion or beliefs you have, you can not deny some kind of awakening happening.  We were already informed there was a new energy coming at us from deep space and they have no idea where it is coming from..could this be what is setting off this mass awakening?  We are learning to become more of a community.  We are seeing that we need each other, and that is OK!  As each one of us has our own special gift to share with the world, we can all work together and make this happen.

Summer Solstice is tomorrow and then we are going to have a Power Moon on the 23rd.just as the sun is entering Cancer.  Hmm  I feel some emotions surfacing.  The energy has been feeling like we are gathering stuff together and waiting for the time to put it all together.  I feel that time is very near.  You see, the energy has been like we are discovering things, having clarity, putting the missing pieces together.  That is one thing, but dealing with the emotional part of it is a totally different.  Looking back on this year, most of us have had real change in our lives, we were given clarity to things that put us beside ourselves, our thoughts and beliefs have changed and we are losing friends/family, seems like we are looking at the world with new eyes.  Now, what are you going to do with it?  Maybe this is where the “feeling like your on the starting line” comes from.  Remembering to breathe is very beneficial here..breathe in by filling the entire lungs, it will make a difference, and dont let your emotions rule you!  This is a very powerful time, make those challenges work in your favor, see the good there and dont mull over what you lost or dont have.  Gratitude is the way of abundance!  Sure you might meet opposition while you are standing firm in your truth, but only let that fuel you to pursue your desire.  When you are on the road to living your bliss, you will not miss the wonderful opportunities that are being offered to you!!  Living your life in ecstatic ecstasy is the way folks!!


Stacy Hill

~ by SironaRose on June 20, 2013.

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