Loving Freely


At one point in our lives we will all have many different kinds of relationships.  Those that last for a moment, one and off again and then those that last forever.  This should not stop us from loving!  Love feeds us, our heart and soul.  Most of us need to feel that close connection.  We find a special some one we love completely and then they may choose to leave, leaving us heart broken.  We expected them to be as much invested as we are.  This is what we must release.  You see L♥VE is limitless, you can not put restrictions on it, make if follow a straight line.  L♥VE simply IS.  It is US that put limitations, restrictions and expectations on it.  So much so, we can at times, change the relationship so much that we dont even recognize each other.  This is where we head down the road of heart ache.  You see some relationships are like stepping stones.  They are there to lift you, awaken some thing deep in you or something that you have pushed far back inside of you.  They are there to help us be US!  Help us bring forth something deep within ourselves that just set us on fire.  Allowing us to dream again, feel again and maybe pursue that goal we never thought we had a chance at.  Now how can that be bad?  When you enter into a relationship with some one, express what you want to each other.  You may not be in a place to say forever, maybe a month or a week.  Dont be afraid to L♥VE!!  L♥VE and appreciate that person for who they are and what they bring to the table.  If you decide to have a committed union, then honor each other by taking care of yourself.  keep yourself healthy, balanced and nourished.  Dont expect them to “fix” you.  YOU take care of YOU!  This is what the new paradigm is bring to us, we need to release the old ways of limits.  When this is happening you will truly experience what being limitless is about!  Do not fear L♥VE, embrace it..allow it to grow and flourish!

Namaste & Live Life in Ecstasy!

Stacy HIll

~ by SironaRose on June 18, 2013.

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