Missing Link part 3


This is the last of the Universal Laws.  This is not an attempt to take away the Spirituality of the world.  This Earth is completely mystical and luckily we have been given codes to help us move about in this plane.  Everyday we are discovering there is much more to our Universe that we were previously aware of.  Archaeologist discover new history for us every single day.  I believe all these clues that we are discovering is there to help us decode a deeper form of life that has been hidden from us for various reasons.  The more we learn about these ancient mysteries, the more we can evolve as humanity.  I have shared these Laws with you because of all the confusion a lot of folks have had concerning the Law of Attraction.  I am not knocking any one who teaches  the LOA.  We ALL have our own place, we all have a place and teach on certain levels.  What I am saying is that while we are clicking on sites to help us live the life of our dreams, some of us leave there more confused that we were to begin with.  I am explain my things in a way that we can all get.  Here are the last 4:

9.  The Law of Relativity.  This states that we all will receive a series of problems/challenges in our life (Tests of Initiation) for the purpose of strengthening the light within us.  The challenge is to remain in a positive energy while having these problems to deal with.  A little bit of gratitude as well, because there is always some one else in a worse situation.


10.  The Law of Polarity.  This states that everything is on a continuum and has an opposite.  This is the law of mental vibration!  We all have our yin to our yang.  Could we consider Twin Flames in this?  I dont see why not, that is our opposite, yes?  What we lack the other makes up for.  The two coming together to be complete.


11.  The Law of Rhythm.  This law states that everything, yes everything, vibrates and moves to certain rhythm (maybe call it frequency).  To better understand this law we have to consider our emotions, what feels good and what does not.  For instance smiling is on a higher rhythm than frowning/crying, so smiling keeps us in a higher vibration (rhythm) so we are able to tap into these laws easily and have them work for us.  A Master rises above all the negative parts of life by never getting “lost” in their emotions, this can penetrate into their consciousness cause a sense of unbalance.

12.  The Law of Gender.  The law states that everything has a gender, masculine (yang) or feminine (yin) principles and this is the basis of all creation.  When we are on the path of raising our consciousness, we must fully balance these two energies within yourself in order to become the Master of yourself and a true co-creator with the Divine.

If you have any questions just contact me.  I hope you have enjoyed learning these laws.

Namaste & Live Life in Ecstasy!

Stacy Hill

~ by TerraRubrae on June 12, 2013.

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