Missing Links Part 2


Yesterday I spoke of the first 4 Laws of the Universe.  There are the next 4 and I will end them tomorrow with the last of the 4.  I was guided to post these laws to aide others to help manifest better and faster.  Operating on a higher consciousness, it is important to fully understand just how our wonderful Universe works, and I think its awesome we have a guide!  Think about how much this world would change if each and every one of us really applied these laws into our every day lives.  The possibilities would be absolutely limitless..and thats how we are supposed to be…LIMITLESS!!  We are apart of this wonderful expansive Universe, lets be a part of the solutions!  🙂

5.  The Law Of Cause & Effect.  Every action has a reaction.  Our actions (energy we send out) causes a ripple and therefore cause the universe to respond to that action.  No matter if it is good nor bad, the Universe doesnt see that, it only responds.  You reap what you sow.

6.  The Law of Compensation.  This is able receiving visible effects of our deeds.  Now this can vary on how you conceive compensation.  This can be in the energy that is known as “money” , can be as simple as gratitude or it can be other things like say bartering.  It is saying there has to be a compensation for the energy you are putting out.

7.  The Law of Attraction.  This law is saying that the energy you put out is what you will get back.  So, If you put out positive energy, only positive will come back.  Also, if you put out negative energy, will it return to you as well.
8.  The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.  This states that all people have it within themselves to change the conditions in their lives.  This can even be the perception of it.  Higher vibrational energy always consumes and transforms lower vibration.  If you are in a lower vibrational place, try looking at things in a more positive way (raising your vibration).

Namaste & Live in Ecstasy!

Stacy HIll

~ by SironaRose on June 10, 2013.

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