Rawness of the Divine Feminine


When we hear awakening of the Divine Feminine this can leave us in a bit of confusion.  We can have thoughts of Women’s Rights movement, we think of women having equality — but this is just a small part of it.  I want to go deeper than the surface.  I want to get to the core of this awakening.  Its not just for women, it is for men as well.  This awakening is allowing us to see behind the false securities we had ( the superficial) and bring us clarity, helping us to SEE truth of the madness.  We are having solar flares, bad weather/destruction, up risings, disclosures in our governments and unexplained phenomena.  This energy is bringing clarity to our faces, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.  There is a lot happening on Gaia, she is really starting to speak up! For that matter, our whole universe is starting to speak up!  And what is she saying?  Well truth!  The truths we have wanted to avoid, to pass off as some one else’s  problem.  She is giving us our well deserved Karma for the destruction, manipulation, mutilation, deception, separation, un-directed chaos We have brought to her.  So whats the result?  Compassion, Awareness, Emapthy, having to stand on our truth, LOVE and most important COMMUNITY!   YES!  COMMUNITY!  Mother takes care of her children, she feeds them, clothes them loves them but mostly importantly teaches them.  She doesn’t divide her children, she loves each and every one of them equally acknowledging each for their individual gifts!  There is NO GREED here.  Love, receptivity and acceptance.  Its not about ME anymore…its WE!  All these happenings that are going on around Gaia is telling us that UNITY is the only way change will be made. There is no option anymore, you either understand this or you dont.  You must understand that we all need each other here.  We need the carpenters, painters, healers, gardeners..we ALL need each other and we must ALL be receptive to this. Most importantly is, Gaia needs us to get this!  

So what is this “Divine Feminine Awakening”?  For me, its the realization that we are all ONE.  Compassion, LOVE, unity, community…What you do to one person, you do to a whole.  We are energetically connected.  Maybe, it would be wise for some of us to really meditate, think about or what ever you do, on the true meaning of energy!  

I wish you all many BLESSINGS and send you so much LOVE!

Live in Ecstasy



~ by TerraRubrae on June 6, 2013.

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