Terra Energy Report 5/27/2013


Where do I begin!  There has been a lot of activity in the cosmos lately.  We’ve had a lunar, solar then another lunar eclipse just this past Friday on the 25th of May.  There has been a lot of chaos for most people.  Just because you’re walking a spiritual path does not exclude you either.  When you begin to awaken spiritually this can happen.  You see you are manifesting yourself a different life, one that will resonate better with you.  While this is happening, you are being forced to release the old stuff that doesn’t serve that life you want to manifest.  So, what do you do?  Relax! When we are resisting the change it will hit you harder, so yes you must be fluid like water.  Like the Zen saying, BE the water.  This can also be making you feel alone, maybe a bit lost and just feel displaced.  This is normal, you are in fact recreating a different world.  If you have been in a relationship where you are not being honored and you are manifesting something different for yourself, say one that honors you, you will have to let this relationship go.  You see you are making two worlds that exist on different energies to collide and that doesn’t work.  You have to release that relationship.  This can be a job, a marriage or even a friendship.  This could also lead to an uprooting of your life.  You see how this goes?   You could also be awakened and still having to release.  The same applies.  Try not to freak out, just breathe, don’t resist and try to step outside the issue to see it better.  We really have to listen to our intuition right now.  We are finding out who we are at our core and what we truly want.  If you’re having a bit of an issue of staying positive, tune into your favorite meditations, your favorite comedies anything that makes you feel GOOD!  This is what is needed right now.  We need to feel good and not add to the stress already on our bodies.  Laugh a lot, balance your chakras, spend time in nature, these are a few.  Learn to accept what is happening right now, then you can gain a better understanding.  This is where being present comes into play.  Take each moment of the day one by one.  Be totally in the NOW of it and try to detach a bit from it to gain better clarity.  Be still and listen to your body.  If it doesnt feel right, then dont do it.  Focus on your happiness, lightening your heart and soul.  Sometimes, all you can do is just be still and listen.  Also, take care of yourself really listen to your body.  It may feel like a disconnection, but its not its more of a better connection.  So listen to YOU!  Find out who YOU are!  Rest and relax into your manifestations!



Dolce far niente (sweetness of doing nothing)

Stacy Hill.  

~ by TerraRubrae on May 27, 2013.

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