Terra Energy 5/13/2013




WOW!!  May has been well WOW!  AND WE ARE ONLY HALF WAY DONE!!!  For some absolutely wonderful for others not so much. There are so many changes going on in our lives right now that we are just left in confusion.  With the eclipses, the energy has just been off the chain.  So if your feeling like you need to be protective, then do so and if there are others around you that get upset, just be honest with them.  There has been a blast of Scorpio energy and that’s about transformation, shedding our skin so to speak, peeling back the layers of our self    Making us check our selves and really look at things and people we surround our self with. It is almost as if some are being made to let go of things that no longer serve them, those things that are just not “YOU” anymore.  We need to allow ourselves to release this but make sure you take care of you.  If you feel like your in a corner, take a moment and rest.  While you are feeling this vulnerability, surround yourself with things that make you feel good.  It could be a soft blanket and comfy chair, certain music or just a walk in nature. In order for us to manifest those good things we want, we have to be an energetic match for it, so strive to keep yourself in that energy grid. Keep connected to yourself.  A lot of us haven’t been speaking our truth or being honest with ourselves.  Do so!  Feel that throat Chakra (Visuddha), open it up and speak YOUR truth.  Listen to your intuition.  If you work with Angels, Ascended Masters, Jesus Christ or whom ever, ask for guidance for clarity.  Use your feelings and emotions as a guide for yourself.  Trust in YOU!!   I am also noticing a lot of couples that are in difficult places.  In most cases it is a lack of communication and almost a hiccup in their connections.  Connect with each other, have open honest communication expressing your feelings in an honorable way.  For some it may feel like you are going down two different roads, for others you may be looking at your partner wondering who they are.  Like I stated above, Scorpio likes to bring clarity to things we were not willing (at the moment) to face.  Thankfully Taurus has now double blessed us with his presence, the eclipse and the Sun.  Now I feel healing with take place.  Taurus reminds us of SELF.  Whats important to you?  What is honoring to you?  Are you eating clean?  This will help us to put our self back into alignment and be able to manifest what we want.  Remember to keep checking your where your thoughts are, try not to worry or stress ( I know its hard).  If you feel yourself getting pulled down again, go back to soothing yourself with music, reading, walking, etc.  I feel that this energy will change by the end of the week.  

If you need any help or guidance during this time just contact me!

Namaste and Be Blessed 

~Rev Stacy Hill

~ by SironaRose on May 13, 2013.

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