The moment you understand what love is, you experience what love is, you become love.

Then there is no need in you to be loved, and there is no need in you to love. Loving will be your simple, spontaneous existence, your very breathing. You cannot do anything else; you will be simply loving.

Now if in return, love does not come to you, you will not feel hurt, for the simple reason that only the person who has become love can love. You can give only that which you have. Asking people to love you – people who don’t have love in their life, who have not come to the source of their being where love has its shrine – how can they love you?

They can pretend. They can say, they can even believe, but sooner or later these things are going to… it is going to be known that it is only a pretension, that it is only acting, that it is hypocrisy.

There may not be an intention to deceive you, but what can the person do? You ask for love, and the other person also wants love. Both understand that you are expected to love, that only then can you get love – so you both try in every possible way to take the posture of love. But the posture is empty. And both are going to discover it, and both are going to complain about it against the other, that it is not right. From the very beginning it has been two beggars begging from each other, and both have only empty begging bowls.

Both are pretending that they can give, but their basic desire is to get. If you don’t have it, you cannot give it. And those who have it – this is to be understood very clearly – those who have found the source of love within themselves are no longer in need of being loved. And they will be loved.

They will love for no other reason but simply because they have too much of it – just as a rain cloud wants to rain, just as a flower wants to release its fragrance, with no desire to get anything. The reward of love is in loving, not in getting love.

And these are the mysteries of life, that if a person is rewarded just in loving people, many will love him. Because by being in contact with him, they will slowly start finding the source within themselves. Now they know one person at least who showers love and whose love is not out of any need. And the more he shares and showers his love, the more it grows.” ~ Osho

I had to share this quote as I feel the importance for some to receive this message.  There are those who search and search for love, but always over look it hiding within them.  Then there are those that are never satisfied, even when they get “the person of their dreams”.  This message makes us look deeper and deeper within our self.  This is the year of the Snake…the transformation and healing begins!



**A blog by Rev Stacy Hill, Shamaness Tantrika

~ by TerraRubrae on February 11, 2013.

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