Imbolc Blessings



“Perhaps on this Imbolc, Brighid will ignite some fire in me that will illuminate ways in which I can better align myself with the rhythms of the earth. Perhaps I will see in the mind of my heart some memory of a simpler time; an ancient world that my spirit belonged to, and still belongs to….” Teo Bishop


~ How Brighid is Honoured Today For Imbolc ~

Brighid is a Goddess who has, despite the changes and the passing years, still remains an important figure in Celtic spirituality. Many pagans today call upon her for healing, protection for themselves and families, blessing of households and inspiration. She is honoured at Imbolc and candles are still lit in some households from dusk to dawn in her honour.

There were, and still are, many people who pray to Brighid for protection at night before retiring. One prayer I found particularly interesting when I was starting out on my path was written by Murry Hope in her book, “Practical Celtic Magic” (Aquarian, 1987):

“Noble Brighid, who dids’t by Dana’s laws,
Stand by the ‘streads of those who sought thine aid in days of old.
Subtly stretch thine arms, O Goddess bright,
Across this humble place wherein I rest my head,
That I may seek my slumber, knowing all full well,
That they who wish me harm, may not approach
Being warded by thy shield.”[viii]

As an artist and writer, I often pray to Brighid for inspiration and am never disappointed!
I have found that Brighid loves candles and offerings of bread, milk and/or herbs. For every practitioner, the preferences vary, so there is really no right or wrong way to make an offering with any deity. Whatever feels “right” to the practitioner, would be the “right” way for the practitioner to make an offering in my humble opinion.

Some suggestions of how Brighid can be honoured on her feast day, Imbolc, include: making a type of bannock (a flatbread made with a mixture of oatmeal, flour, butter, salt, baking soda and water and cooked upon a skillet), making Brighids crosses out of rushes or metal wire, making Bride dolls, cleaning your house and putting out a bit of coloured ribbon on a bush or on your doorstep for Brighid to bless as she comes by (This can be used later as a Brighid’s Mantle for healing and protection).[ix]

The concept of the Eternal Flame is a good one for this “once and future Goddess”. She has withstood the test of time and change and her worship has only grown stronger. May She always be honoured!

Questions to Ponder:

1. As the days begin to grow noticeably longer, are you beginning to feel the stirrings of spring in the air or even in your spirit?

2. How are you planning on celebrating Imbolc this year?

3. What healing and inspiration do you want to bring into your life during this season of healing and rebirth?

4. What are you “birthing” this Spring (i.e.: ideas, projects, etc that are starting to take shape)?

5. How has Brighid influenced your life? (if at all)

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