Passing on the Torch


As parents we all hope we can pass down our gifts and knowledge to our children and that they will cherish and hold the gifts as sacred as we do.  We want them to learn and grow from our mistakes, learning better ways at doing things.  We hope they obtain the knowledge we know and add to it to enhance themselves.

Over the holiday season, I received the most wonderful gift from my daughter.  While we were visiting our home town, my grandmother began to feel really bad.  When we got there, we seen her in pain, crying.  I was listening, trying to hear what she was saying.  I comforted her, loved on her and began to give Reiki.  As I began, I noticed my daughter was looking at me.  I just figured she was watching and hopefully learning., but then I noticed SHE began her on technique of healing as well!  YES!! She was tapping in to her heart to use her gifts to give assistance for some one.  I then realized, she listened…she paid attention…she really does see the sacredness in her gifts!  At that moment, I began to cry..feeling the humbleness in my heart.  Knowing that my daughter is opening up to herself ..her soul and tuning into her abilities…WOW!  The session was very successful.  The energy was moving very well, felt nice and warm and loving.  There was a lot of love in that room that day.  See, it just wasn’t me acknowledging my daughter, but it was my grandmother knowing that I was using my gifts and that I held the sacredness of my gifts in my heart and was guiding my daughter (her great grand daughter) to uphold the same reference as well.

While some see “passing the torch” as a bad thing.  As giving up your position to another.  I see it as passing on my knowledge to one younger than I, not to take my place but to allow it to help them find their place and path in life.  Giving them the tools, or ground work to do some thing better.  I feel we all have our own unique gifts/abilities so there is no way of some one taking your place, for no one can.  Passing the torch to my daughter is such an honorable thing for me.  I am teaching her one thing that she will need in every part of her life.  I am a proud Momma…I dont even think proud covers what I am feeling!  May you experience the joys and honors as well!


~ by TerraRubrae on January 25, 2013.

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