Goddess Self



A friend of mine made a post on facebook asking others what their definition of being a Goddess/God is to them.  It took me a moment to write this because to me this is such a profound statement to make. This is some thing not to be taken lightly.  And as you all know, walking a Spiritual path, the depth of this statement will never have an ending.  So I let it set with in my soul.  So this morning at 2am, I awoke to this message…..

I KNOW I AM A GODDESS BECAUSE life, in many forms, has come from ME and from MY body that life was nourished, first by physical nourishment then by Spiritual nourishment. I have walked through hell, passing through the eye of the needle, shedding all physical beauty leaving me naked and vulnerable only to have all beauty and love returned to me 10 fold. Realizing that it is MY light that I seek and it is MY light that will light my way and will help guide others and understanding the true importance of that position. I AM Goddess because of my deep desire to nurture with compassion and understand and at the same time using the some times harsh hand of truth, wisdom and justice. Knowing when to try harder and when to simply release and let go knowing that each of us have a path to walk and must make that journey of our soul. Understanding that the kingdom of Heaven exist with in myself and if I can not find it within myself, I will never find it on the out side. Knowing there are times to wield my sword and have the courage to use it. Words can heal or kill and the burden falls upon me to know which way to use them and having enough control over myself to know the difference. I AM a lover, friend, Sistar, guide, counsel, and yes at times foe, for I know that I am a lesson for some one else, as they are for me. Knowing my Light but understanding my shadow self as well, seeing my feminine but recognizing my masculine and learning to combine them finding my true God Self. Being able to love beyond all dimensions of time and space, truly seeing the Alpha and Omega for I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM!


~ by TerraRubrae on December 5, 2012.

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