I am hearing from folks that they are having a problem with understanding that we are all ONE.  They feel they cant fully take that in because it takes away from our individuality.  I feel that the point they are missing is this is from a soul level, not physical.  Also even stating that the “New Age” has taken Deity out. From my experience in the new age arena, the only thing they have done is taken away the concept of a big grey haired old man in the sky, instead seeing God/Divine as an infinite, an ultimate of ultimate, purest form of love. Seeing every thing and every one as an extension of energy. I have in NO way ever seen how they have evicted Deity..again this is MY experience. Sure I have met some that I do not resonate, so I did not work with them, I have nothing but love in my heart for them (soul level). I have seen more spirituality and love of Divine in this arena I have been around than I have ever seen in a church, at mass or a temple ( and I have been to several around the world). Maybe this is due to those that I choose to be around, if I do not resonate with them, I do not perform healing circles or any kind of energy work with them. I am of love and light and very picky about those I choose to be around.
YES I totally agree we are individual of course! We all have our own gifts, talents and paths we must walk down. This does not change what I am trying to convey. I am simply stating the one-ness from a soul level that exists, not physical. Hence the saying “We are Spiritual beings having a human experience”. As I am well aware we combine these in our physical form, its our truest essence is what I am speaking of. You have your gifts that make you completely unique and so do I, but all in all on a soul level we come from the same Divine source, which makes all of you my brother/sister in this walk of life. Sure we may not agree on all the processes, but all in all I completely honor your being and your path as well as others. This is honoring our individuality and what resonates with us.  Even if I do not fully agree with all of your views, I understand this is your experience and this is the path you must walk with lessons you must learn. There is no competition, that is simply EGO.

Now lets talk about the violence going on in our world.  If we fully let this concept engulf us it would not exist.  Some disagree, but how can you? When we can look into the eyes of some one and see that Divine essence in them, how could we harm them? If we are all focusing our connectedness to Divine, realizing we are an extension of that infinite energy, harming another would not exist. This is even true with Mother Earth. She gives us life, in essence. We are physically nourished by her,true realization of this would change all the harm we are conflicting upon her. Through the practice of Earth Tantra this opens us up to this as well, since every thing is energy. Like I stated above, I am coming at this from a higher spiritual consciousness not just physical one. Sure there are those that do not understand this concept and have had the lines of right from wrong blurred.  They have not been shown how to have reverence for all of life, including themselves and yes they should be kept away from those that do. I do feel they should be educated on how to have reverence for life. Those that do harm have been harmed in the past at some level that conditioned them to accept that it is OK. So a soul healing is needed for those individuals. At some point their soul was hurt so they feel that is the way to be. Here where I live I see violence, but I also see the hurt and their feeling of being lost in their eyes. I see how they are not taught to honor themselves or life in general.  I feel we must always strive to have a higher consciousness, become closer to the Divine. We came here to experience the physical sure of course, but its our souls that are timeless. Our souls are all connected to that Divine Source and that is where we come together. Individuality should be celebrated, but seeing the Divine in others thats the trick! EGO is what separates us.  Only through acknowledging our one-ness through that infinite Divine energy source will bring us together as human kind and sharing this planet with other life forms.  

(Namaste- “I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.”)

Truly take that statement in.  Let it take counsel within your heart and soul  Understand that you are not just physical in this dimension, you are multi-dimensional spiritual being..a miracle!  

Many Blessings to you ALL


~ by TerraRubrae on December 4, 2012.

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