Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Energy

Full Moon in Gemini is approaching us! I am seeing a lot of us are already feeling this. We have a moon in Gemini plus Sun in Sag…Gemini keeps us grounded while Sag allows us to open Spiritually..but wait there is an lunar eclipse!! Eclipses always bring in more energy which usually magnify energies! The way the energy is working is very emotional. I feel what has been hidden from us will be illuminated during this time. I am also feeling the need for more soul connections in relationship. I am seeing and feel that we are tired of superficial relationships and within our own lives. We are ending those relationships that are not feeding our souls and moving on to those that do.  This can be scary and uneasy.  Some are even being pushed into making these necessary decisions.   We are feeling our Soul’s calling and we are acting accordingly. Transitioning and initiation energy here! This energy is coming from the solar eclipse to the lunar eclipse, so very powerful energy and could be turning points for a lot of people. I am feeling the heart chakra and high heart chakra healing going on here! We are owning our own emotions making changes to help ourselves and others! A LOT is happening..keep breathing! Also, healing from past relationships may be coming up at this time.  Learn the lessons of your past relationships and be grateful for them, including our Mother and Father.  Only when we release and forgive are we able to move on into more loving relationships, one that will express your authentic self.  This is a VERY intense time folks…especially on the emotions!! If you are needing assistance, readings or help letting go and healing just let me know! Have a wonderfully blessed day…and surrender to what life brings you….listen to your guidance, surrender and act in alignment, I feel this is the way to ease this energy going on! ♥


~ by SironaRose on November 27, 2012.

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