Vajra-yogini is known as the Trauma Goddess.  She transforms negative into positive.  The most important of all the Dakinis, she is the “Sarva-buddha-dakini” the Dakini Who is the Essence of all Buddhas and is the Mother of Wisdom.  Although there are many forms of her she is mostly shown naked and dancing, hold a blood filled skull in one hand and a knife in the other.  She is mostly shown red, showing her yogic heat.  She belongs to the Chakrasamvara collection of Tantras and one of the five principal tantric practices of the Sakya School.

This Mother helps us to cut/sever our negative energies for the better.  Call on her to help you release those negative attachments so we may dance freely with the Cycles of Tantra.  She helps us to move on.  Her freedom encourages us to find that freedom within us, helping us balance and heal ourselves.  She gives us rebirth, showing us a path to enlightenment.  Vijra-yogini red, shows us that we must have that inner fire.  We must allow passion into our lives, setting our souls on fire.  She starts in our root chakra, blends with our 2nd chakra and connecting to our high heart and 3rd eye.  There she blazes brightly, encouraging us to follow our passions and that which set us on fire.  She truly gives us rebirth here, sets us free from all the baggage we seem to not be able to release.  She dances to the beat of Mother Earth, harmonizing our hearts with hers.  Through her enlightenment we find wisdom, our third eye opens and clarity floods into us.

Working with the 2nd and high heart can help you detach from old baggage no longer needed.  We must clear our high hearts.  Ground with our feet into Gaia, detach, clear, connect and what the magic begin.  Some times, unknowingly,  we hold on to past hurts that actually block us from manifesting and harmonizing/healing our bodies.


~ by TerraRubrae on October 25, 2012.

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