I speak the words of the wise!  The messages come through the wind in the trees.  Spirit runs through me, racing through my veins like fire.  My feet, rooted in Mother, as her knowledge seeps into every pore. Her heart beat, now mine.  Listen to the secrets the great Oak tells, will you?  Leaves fall at your feet, revealing a path less traveled, will you walk it?  The air brings you the sweet smell of Gaia, inhale her beauty.  Go to the fresh running spring, taste her sweetness.

What are the wise words?  You can only find them for yourself.  Inhale Gaia into your Soul and she will reveal all of them to you.  Still yourself, lay upon our Mother, feel yourself become one with her..take her into you, surrender to her and allow all the treasures she has to offer to flow freely unto you.  Surround yourself with her essence, let her energy move you.  The way to wisdom, is tasting and experiencing all the divine sweetness that Mother Gaia has to offer…and then surrendering to IT!

~ by TerraRubrae on October 18, 2012.

One Response to “Wisdom”

  1. Become one with All! Become your true self in surrender to the Other. Let us encourage each other.

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