Healing with the Divine Feminine

As women, we are natural healers.  Receiving healing through the Divine Feminine is one of the most loving energies.  This is the nurturing Mother energy, but it also is the understanding that some times you have to learn some real hard life lessons.  For over 500 years this feminine energy has been suppressed  replaced by masculine energy.  There is nothing wrong with masculine energy, too much in one direction causes the scales to dip.  This causes a complete unbalance and prevents the energy from flowing smoothly.  This has echoed into our bodies as well.  It seems the more feminine parts of us are not being allowed to be expressed in ways that that would help us.  Instead we are taught to not deal with our issues.  There are tons of medications out there that are numbing our senses.  When we are unable to “feel” we arent much different from a robot.  It is OK to feel!  We can no longer swallow all these emotions and feelings, we must deal with them, clearing them to allow us to heal.  This is where the Divine Feminine comes in.  She will nurture you, show you how to love yourself, respect yourself so that you can teach others how to do so as well.  By sitting in that place of love and forgiveness, you begin healing yourself.  Peeling layer by layer off, you begin to discover a YOU that you never knew existed.  You may begin dressing different, eating healthier, speaking different, developing a new concept of yourself.  Step by step you will begin to be in complete harmony with your body.  Being in control of your emotions, instead of them being in control of you.  You begin seeing the bigger picture of things, understanding on a larger scale instead of seeing things through the egoic eye.  Learning compassion.  Step by step you will get there.

When you get some time, lay down and clear your mind.  Ask for the Goddess healing energy to flow to you.  If things keep popping in your head, let them and then let them pass, concentrate on your breathing if your mind cant be still.  Breath in for 4 out for 4…concentrate on your breathing.  Now begin notice what you feel, sit with it for a minute.  Is it happy?  Is it sad?  Sit with it for a few more minutes, seeing it and feeling it and figuring out where these feelings are coming from.  When you find out, sit with that.  Now forgive all that needs to be forgiven and let it go, just release it.  Imagine it as a balloon, and just release it and allow it to float away.  Sure some times your not ready to let it go, thats OK.  Just one step at a time.  The healing energy is still happening.


Sera Stella

~ by TerraRubrae on October 3, 2012.

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