So you want to be a Reiki Master??





When I began my path of healing  there were so many paths out there to consider.  Reiki found me several times, so I took the hint and proceeded.  It has been 5 years now, some were easy and some were not.  The level of growth and spiritual enlightenment have been worth it.  Sure my life changed, drastically soon after wards, but I feel that the change was needed in order for me to go forward with this gift.  It has made me a better person, not sweating the small stuff and understanding the big stuff.  Understanding that when I surrender myself to the universal flow, things will be revealed to me and many doors open for me.  I wouldnt change anything, no regrets!  

Reiki is gentle and any one can take the path, but not every one should.  A healer is one that is not supposed to cast judgement on others.  And NOT wish any one any harm.  People are coming to the practitioner for help and to be a clear channel for Universal Energy (god/goddess/Jesus/Jehovah/what ever you wish to call it) and if you have bitterness, resentment, hate..all the negative emotions you can NOT be that clear channel for them.  Sure we all are human and things happen that will place us beside ourselves, but our spiritual awareness should help this as well.  And these challenges come to us to so we can walk our talk and possibly show us what we need to work on within ourselves.  Sure we all make mistakes but it is what we do with those mistakes that matter. 

One thing to be conscious of is the light inside that healers carry.  This light attracts those that need it. they may need the practitioner to help them heal themselves or others that claim to need assistance but do no actual work themselves.  People have to be willing to help themselves and if they are not you must decide to either let them go or risk them draining you.  Clients will come to you in many guises, you have to decide if the exchange will be beneficial or not.  If you feel you can not help the client, do not be upset just try to put them on the right path or send them to some one that can help them.   

Deciding this path is one not to be taken lightly.  If you choose this path, then pursue it with all of your heart.  Do not waste the teachers time nor insult the Universal Divine Energy pretending to be interested.  When you go into this path half heartily you not only insult your self and disrespecting the practitioner, you are disrespecting the Divine and every thing that this healing path stands for.  

Being a Reiki Master is some thing I hold very dear.  It is a path that will bring you to a better version of yourself, if you allow it.  Sure you will be presented with situations that will test you, try to take you on a detour and bring you to the depths of your heart but it is worth it, in my opinion.  So if this path is on your mind, sit with yourself for a minute on this, you will know and you will feel.  One thing to remember about the healing path is that you are there to help, not be a door mat for some one.  You are to be a beacon in the dark for them, not go into the valley after them.  If they refuse to heal, that is their decision and respect it.  Say prayers, send them love, wish them well and remember that they have their own path to walk and experiences to live.  

~ by TerraRubrae on September 10, 2012.

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  1. Great post!

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