It seems there has been a lot of transitions going on in people’s lives here lately.  Our eyes are painfully being open to things we just really didnt want to see or just needed the clarity to see it.  We may have been lied to or betrayed, or just began to see situations more clearly.  Either way, we may be left with confusion causing us to seek understanding.  Even though you can see things, doesnt make it easier to handle, just makes us more aware of ourselves.  

When we have to leave our regular, our routine, we are in uncharted territory and could cause some uneasy feelings.  Some times we are unable to go to our sacred place we had, our little space where we escaped to for peace.  Causing us to be a little off, since we cant go to our space.  This is part of the transition.  Us surrendering to ourselves and trusting ourselves during this time.  We have to understand that these things happen for a reason.  Either we just cant BE in the old place we were or it just no longer serves you and your soul.  We have to learn to stop sacrificing our souls for things we deem normal.  We have to listen to our soul.  When we are growing as a person, we find ourselves in a place where we have to release.  It may be some one who doesnt approve of your path, or a job that is just sucking the life out of you.  Either way, we have to release our soul from the stagnation so our energy flows smoother and gentler.  

I remember speaking to a friend of mine who was counseling me on issues that I had been going through.  I, too, was missing my space..the place I found peace.  She began telling me that peace is inside, its not a place it is within.  This is so true!  Peace is within US.  Not a place, space or location.  It is within us and we project it out.  That place we used to go, doesnt serve us no longer.  We need to take lessons we were taught while in that space and use them in the present.  Our space healed us, gave us the nurturing we needed in order for us to continue on our path.  But thats just it, it was a space!  We did the work ourselves.  We learned to see those things inside of us that needed healed, needed to be left behind, in order for us to be the best version of ourselves.  That space just offered you a place to do so thats it.  

We have to learn that our peace is our peace.  Peace starts within us.  If we want peace, be peace.  If we want love, be love.  Let go off all those things that do not serve us, but help us to grow and be in harmony with ourselves.  We have learned our lesson, time to move it forward into your life and honor it.  Let go of all the silly games our past tries to play with us…let it go and surrender to that peace within.  No longer allow the past to interfere with the future.  There is a reason the past is the past..leave it there and continue forward.  The present holds so many wonderful gifts for us enjoy, a happiness that only we can cause in our own lives.  

Surrender to peace, allow it to fill every pore..allow it to vibrate all in your being. Be gentle with yourself,love and honor yourself.  You have climbed a huge mountain.  You can put your bow and arrow away and repair it for the next time, if there is one, heal yourself, showing every part of yourself gratitude and appreciation.  YOU are PEACE  YOU are L☼VE!  Be present and know this as complete truth.


~ by TerraRubrae on August 16, 2012.

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