I Am Woman



I have noticed that there is a lot of controversy going on with women here lately.  And frankly some of it just sounds like folks lost in fear..fear hmmm well we all know when we are in FEAR we are not in a loving open place.  This blog isnt usually how I flow, but I feel that there are some things I need to express.

I have always been on the voluptuous side.  I have never looked like the air brushed models that you see on magazines and at one point I let this get to me.  I let society brainwash me into what “women” should look like.  As time has pasted and husbands and  children have blessed my life I have since let those foolish ideas go.  All women look different and all are beautiful.  There is no woman better looking than another, that is a personal perception.  All women are beautiful and come to this wonderful planet with their own unique gifts.  I have given birth to children, watch my friends give birth and watch animals give birth and I just have to say I LOVE BEING A WOMAN!  I love the fact that I can bring life in the world.  I love the fact that I am emotional, yes it is a great thing!  I love all of my curves!  And my stretch marks??  YEP I have them and you know what they all came from my precious babies!  When I look at them, I am reminded of their little feet/arms bulging out of my stomach when they would start their acrobatics while in my womb!  My breast?  I love as well, sure most of us like boobs, and sure I think mine are nice but the best part,  my breast nourished my babies..the way the its meant to be!  My rounded hips?  Why yes I do love them as well, they allowed safe passage for my babies to make their way into this world.  My ample thighs allowed me strength for those many nights and days I had to carry my children.  I love my touchable softness that is irresistible to some.  And my heart?  Yes it has been broken many times and yes some times by my children, but I love all that I can and I fall in love when I can.  When I look at myself now in the mirror, I dont just see a Mom, I see beauty, love, lover, beloved, mercy, hope, a will and a way, compassion, memories, passion, strength, intelligence, creativity, warmth and most important the Divine Goddess Essence!

Dont think I am knocking anyone here…I am saying that ALL women are beautiful!  Be healthy and focus on what you are putting into and on your body, but not what society tries to brainwash you to be.  BE HAPPY WITH YOU!  You are a precious gift that is completely irreplaceable!  Dont settle for the mediocre in your life, dont allow yourself to be brought down by negative judgmental people or things!  Dont settle with anything or anybody that doesnt cherish YOU!   Be the strong woman you came here to be!  Allow the Divine Feminine to open like a lotus with in your soul!  We have got to stop being ashamed of our bodies and what they do!  Acknowledge how blessed you are to be a woman!  And women..STOP the competition!!  NO other woman in this world that  is more beautiful or  can even compare to YOU!  Of all the women I know and have known, every single one of them are absolutely beautiful!  Each gifted with such precious gifts unique unto themselves.  Be YOU like no other can and dont let anyone ever take YOU away from YOU!  Take care of yourself as well, if your not nourishing yourself you can not nourish others!

Men, I am not downing you.  I do know of many ways that society has tried to misguide your lives as well.  I am a woman and I speak from a womans heart.  I do not think of myself as a feminist, I am a universalist..I love and appreciate all life in its many forms.

Woman, you are life bearing!  Your thoughts create and your words and actions produce!  Be mindful of this.  Teach your daughters self love, or learn with them.  Keep your minds clear and thoughts pure.  Keep your hearts and minds open.  Express yourself in ways that you would like.  Sit down and ask yourself “What are YOU giving birth to today?”

Namaste & Much Much L☼VE!

~ by SironaRose on July 14, 2012.

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