Precious Girl


I found this on the website and it just moved me so I had to share here.

“Precious girl, how do I help you see just how amazing you really are?  You survived in ingenious ways.  You never gave up, even when you felt most defeated and betrayed.  I see the tears welling in your eyes.  I recognize the lump in your throat.  I know you remember the pain, but I see glory.  The glorious human being known as YOU.  YOU hide from me.  You do not know who I am.  I’m sorry I didnt come and find You sooner.  I was so busy trying to do the right things that I forgot about the most important thing…YOU.  You’ve been here all along and all alone.  You’ve been here every minute of every day.  Even with your womanly body you are little..You are are frightened.  But you are what makes this mess beautiful.  I’m here for you now.  I’m taking you away from the people who bring harm to you.  Even if you kick and scream, its Okay, I love you still.  Change is scary.  You’ve been doing it all by yourself for so long you dont trust anyone–even me.  But, I am the woman YOU became and it is my sacred duty to care for you and about you forever and always.  Hold my hand tightly, we’ll leave the horror behind. ”

Reading this touched my heart in the most tender way.  All of us can relate to this at some point in our lives.  This came to me in a time when I so needed to hear it.  There are a lot of happenings in folks lives here lately.  A lot of people are deciding to separate from partners, quit jobs that suck them dry, folks are basically waking up to themselves.  We are growing, what I refer to, a Spiritual Backbone.  This allows us to stand in our truths, in our knowing-ness, no matter what.  We are having to learn to stand firmly on our own two feet.  We are bringing ourselves out of situations that no longer serve us, leaving behind those that harm our Soul.  We are facing change in the face and say I welcome you into my life.  I am not entirely sure what is beyond the corner, but I am willing to find out.  I am stepping up for ME.  I have made conscious decisions to follow my heart, to stop living in my head and to focus on healing my Soul.  Sure, we will have to let people go, leave things behind, but these are things that have served their purpose and its time to leave them behind.  Yes, there will be tears and pain, this is Okay its cleansing.  You are releasing, so just breath through these changes and understand it is what it is.  See the gifts you received.  What wonderful teachers these situations and people have been for you.  They have taught you so much about yourself.  They have helped you bloom one pedal at a time!  Be able to find the peace there so you can be grateful for this gift.  I know you might think “but its painful, they hurt me, etc”  but you see thats just IT!  There will be a time, and hopefully very soon, that you look at that situation with compassion, you step out of the box to fully see all parts of it.  Then when you feel that compassion, peace is not too far behind.  Healing is happening!  In the mean time, if you need to cry..cry!  If you need to scream, grab a pillow put it over your mouth and go for it.  This is just a moment in time and you will pass through it.  You will succeed, only if you allow yourself!

Go and discover YOU!  Fall in L☼VE with YOU!  Learn to be You again!  Before you know it, you will be tasting the sweet nectar of what life has to offer and flourish in ways you never dreamed were possible!

Namaste ♥

~ by TerraRubrae on July 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Precious Girl”

  1. this is the FB Page as well!!

  2. So many amazing girls and women I want to share this with! Thank you, and continued light and love to you.

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