Beginning Your Divine Feminine Path

“No more holding back. Be reckless. Tell your LOVE to everybody.”

As women we sort of get lost in all our daily tasks we tend to forget what divine beings we are.  We are lost in preparing every one else in our lives and what is making them happy.  We are so stressed by just regular daily activities we forget us.  We forget what makes us happy, our hearts sing.  We begin to shut down.  We in fact shut down parts of our hearts.  Denying ourselves of our lives essence.  We notice those around us flourishing, growing…happy!  And true, that makes us happy but still there is a little sadness in us, our hearts, that long for the time when our heart will sing again.

Then one day, we begin to feel that emptiness.  We do, see or experience some thing that stirs our hearts.  We feel that rush..we remember that rush.  Some thing is awakening with in us.  Our energy begins to rush to this that we have found.  So we begin feeding this.  Exploring and finding out new things about ourselves, and appreciating these things.  We are discovering parts of ourselves that have been hidden for so long they were forgotten.  We keep on this path of unfolding and learning and experiencing and finding joy with in.  We even hear we are acting different!  Well of course we are.  We are different!  We are beautiful roses opening up one petal at a time with new possibilities each minute.

At this time we even may notice others actually getting mad at us.  Being angry that we are changing.  We have began to say NO to those things that do not bring us joy…we begin to say YES to ourselves!  We are not being selfish, but self-ful!  We realized that we can not take care of others until we take care of ourselves.  And we realize how sweet it is to hear our hearts sing again.  We are experiencing the sweetness of it and do not want to lose it.  And we should not have to.

I am speaking of Diving Feminine, but I am sure men can relate to this as well.  It seems that those of us who have shut parts of ourselves off to please others are beginning to wake up and realize who we are.  We are wanting to fully live our lives, not just exist.  Taste the sweetness that following our hearts give us.  We are doing things from heart, not because we are told that it is the best way.  We are in essences evolving, learning to listen to our intuition and let our hearts and souls guide us to our happiness.  We know every thing is energy and we have to keep it flowing, not stagnating like before.  We know why we have, in the past, let ourselves go and now we wont let that happen again.  We are eating better.  We are eating for our bodies, craving fresher foods.  Yes, foods full of energy and goodness that our bodies so need.  We are in fact learning how to treat our bodies as temples and appreciate ourselves.  Knowing that we have to in fact exercise our bodies, keeping the energy moving in us.  YES!

We have learned to come out of the head and in the heart and to experience all of who we are and taste the sweetness of all it has to offer!

~ by SironaRose on July 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Beginning Your Divine Feminine Path”

  1. Simply adore your posts! Thank you so much for your presence. ❤

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