Summer Solstice Energy


The Summer Solstice has come and gone.  The Suns energy was really intense.  Now Venus is now coming out of retrograde sooo wow there!  Seems to be a lot of happenings in astrology as well.  Then our full moon is coming in on Tuesday, more energy!  The Solstice transition has taken place and the shifting begins.

I feel there is a lot of shifting going on for folks.  The energy for me has been one where communication has been an issue for me, just cant talk or type.  Havent been able to sleep or rest fully, until last night!  I know there is a lot of planetary energy that is extremely high as well.  Today it feels as if I have clicked in place.  As if I was being aligned and now, click, all good.  There has been a lot of us releasing things.  Old wounds are being healed.  It feels for me I have went through some kind of initiation.  I feel that I have went through this lesson, and now its time to move forward.  I feel that all of us are going through some kind of change/shift now.  I feel that there are a lot of us that are even leaving relationships that you’ve just come to a head with.  Even the strong, long ones.  Change is the only constant we have.  Things keep moving, changing.  At this time we have to be alert in our senses.  I feel that folks are really feeling ourselves and taking notice of how they are feeling, especially emotionally.  Its like the sun has done his job is lighting the areas that we needed to SEE.

I feel that the message is to go forward and let go of the past.  All things change.   You will be OK.  I feel that things will be better.  I feel that this click has placed us in place within and now we have new needs and insight on things.  We needed this shaking up to make us take notice of the issues we are having.  I am feeling this is our breath of fresh air, bringing us out of our stagnate, repeating phase.  I feel that things will eventually begin to settle, some times it takes us a moment to truly release things.  I do feel hope and betterment coming.

Hang in there!  I feel that the ride will be worth the destination!                                                Love and Peace to you all                                                                                                                     Namaste ♥

~ by SironaRose on June 28, 2012.

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  1. I can fell all this as well…

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