Define the Divine Feminine~My Experience



Defining the Divine Feminine, there are far too many ways.  We can attempt to describe it within ourselves.  Feeling her energy makes every cell in my body tingle.  There is a sense of strength that is just simply undeniable.  Feeling my body work, knowing that I have brought children into the world and remembering their first breath is just simply indescribable.

Every step on the Divine Feminine/Goddess path has been such a blessing.  There have been times when I thought that I might not make it out, but some thing always came through.  I do feel well watched out for and learning to listen to my intuition helped as well.  On this path I have shed many tears, happy and sad, but not one of them I regret.  I take each day as it comes to me, reading every experience, loving as fully as I can and still maintaining boundaries.  I learned not to hold on so tightly, to allow things to proceed for the highest good for all involved.  Learning to see life as seasons.  And when that special someone arrived, I loved as much as possible feeling my beloved deeply within my essences as my finger tips memorized every inch of them.  To me, there was no sweeter taste!  But as seasons change, so do experiences.  Many times I have had to go deep inside and decide to release people from my life that became energy blocks for me, or simply we grew apart.   I have had to let go of situations no longer serving my highest good.  I have had to watch as a friends heart was broken, and as a friend broke my heart.  But still, I loved on.  I have had to step back and let friends go whom I have loved deeply.  I have come to understand that those hard lessons we had, well those were the very important ones.  Maybe teaching us to stand up for ourselves, love our self just a bit more and maybe even to wake up to reality.

These are my views, the best description for now, as a woman on a Divine Feminine Path.  I dont want to forget the men.  I know for women these emotions described above are OK for us to feel, men are normally not taught about emotions/feelings.  Although on a Feminine path, I do still love men.  I respect men so much and do my very best to understand the hardships most of them have faced.   I do know a lot of men are going through some hard times now and my heart does go out to them and I do enjoy working with men helping them explore the feminine side to themselves.

I feel you can fully describe the feeling, because its a feeling.  Some thing I hope each and every one gets to experience!


~ by SironaRose on June 22, 2012.

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